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Flash quotes Friday August 25

News   •   Aug 25, 2017 21:28 CEST

Luciana Diniz (POR) Fit For Fun. Foto: Claes Jakobsson/Longines FEI European Championships Gothenburg 2017

Longines FEI European Championships Gothenburg 2017 Jumping Teams round 2

Philipp Weishaupt (GER)
My horse jumped good but I am a little disappointed for the four faults. The course was big yesterday and even bigger today.

Max Kühner (AUT)
Better day today, I got back the easyness that I missed yesterday. I am now in the final, that´s a long way from where I come.

Steve Guerdat (SUI)
I rode very bad, I am very disappointed. But at least my colleagues where better and saved us the medal.

Martin Fuchs (SUI)
It was very tight at the end, it was very important that Steve stayed under 5 points and saved the medal for us.

Douglas Lindelöw (SWE)
Empty, disappointed, angry, sad… It felt good from start but I didn’t make the combination and he felt empty over the oxer. Lost a stirrup there and am pleased that I could hold it together then. The last line was difficult.

Alberto Zorzi (ITA)
I had a very good feeling, he keeps jumping better every day. Tomorrow we will recharge the battery. I am so proud of him.

Penelope Leprevost (FRA)
My horse felt good but a little tired. The course is as difficult as it should be in a championship

Jur Vireling (NED)
He jumped amazing, it looks like he is growing in to the competition, this was his best round so far. I am very honoured to have a horse like that.

Roger Yves Bost (FRA)
Today I rode better. Yesterday she was very strong, but today she got a bit shy, she reacted to the lights. But she jumped super careful. I hope I am qualified for Sunday.

Marc Houtzager (NED)
He jumped good. I am happy today, after the accident yesterday I am happy he jumped super today.

Sergio Alvarez Moya (ESP)
He was great. My horse has a lot of scope so big jumps is not an issue for him. I am really happy with him.

Christian Rhomberg (AUT)
Shit fault, every day one down, shit. Maybe I did not have enough canter, I don´t know. But I am really happy how he jumped and did such a good job.

Maurice Tebbel (GER)
A bit disappointed, two down again in the triple combination. It’s not my week, hope next time will be better.

Jerome Guery (BEL)
One down and one time fault, it is to much. He jumped a little bit on the left, I can not really explain why. After that I took a bit more time to ride safe and that´s why we had the timefault. Now all pressure is on Gregory.

Dennis Lynch (IRL)
About time, we can not be knocking fences down all weekend. He felt super.

Malin Baryard Johnsson (SWE)
I guess it was the floodlight, it has happened some time before. She was fine in the warm up but get tensed in the arena. She close in a bubble and I can’t do anything. We have two riders left and someone has to take on the faults for the team.

Jag tror det var strålkastarna, hon kändes fin på framhoppningen men blev spänd direkt inne på banan. Det har hänt någon gång förut. Hon går in i sin bubbla och jag kan inte göra något. Vi har ju två ryttare kvar och någon måste ju ta på sig felen för laget.

Marziani Luca (ITA)
My horse jumped it really good. We had two down, but he was a little bit two hot from yesterday, he was very energetic, so the tripple combination was two short, it was no chance.

Kevin Staut (FRA)
It was a bad round, I am not happy, I can not really explain why. He was a bit surprised of fence number three, and after that it was stressful for him on the rest of the course.

Gregory Wathelet (BEL)
Shit. Two down in the tripple combination, for my mare it was the hardest part of the course. But it is shit, it is two fences to much. I had super feeling.

Laura Klaphake (GER)
She did an incredible round, actually today I had the best feeling of all days. She touched a fence and had one down, but I am really proud of my horse today, she is amazing. I am very happy about my first senior championship.

Henrik von Eckermann (SWE)
She jumped brilliant from the first fence to the last. Now we can only hope for the two last riders in the team.

Hoppade helt suveränt från första hindret till sista. Nu får vi bara hoppas på de två sista ryttarna.

Niels Bruynseels (BEL)
Not good enough today. It was a tough course and on the last line there was not so much power left so I had the vertical down. And I hope that the extra time fault would not mean so much for the team.

Marcus Ehning (GER)
Actually I had a good round but one down and I’m a little disappointed. It should not have happened but it did and there is nothing I can do now.

Shane Sweetnam (IRL)
He was brilliant, he gives me everything, he jumps fantastic three days in a row. He was a bit surprised with the 14 jumps. It is a tough course, but the horse is in great balance the way he does it, it works out well.

Nadja Peter Steiner (SUI)
Five points is a little to much for the team but for me it’s my first championship. I had a good start then yesterday three down so I’m happy it was better today.
It’s a big course and I happy whit my mare, she’s quit green.

Ruben Romp (NED)
The fault was just a light touch, I think she jumped really good. I rode a little bit on the safe way, and therefore I had the timefault. I am quite happy with the result.

Julia Houtzager- Kayser (AUT)
It is a big course, and with the light it makes it ever trickier. And with two days of big tracks they a loose a bit power. I am disappointed, because he jumped so well the last two days, and he started of very good today as well. It was a touch in the beginning, but on the last line I really rode terrible.

Fernandez Sar Manuel (ESP)
No good, he felt very tired, totally empty. It is a shame really.

Mathieu Billot (FRA)
Very happy with the horse, he jumped very well and had just two time faults. Had to do an extra stride before the tripple. Very grateful to my federation, team and owners

Roland Englbrecht (AUT)
I’m very disappointed today, it was not good.

Ondrej Zvara (CZE)
I did not have a good feeling today, it was to much fight with my horse. Maybe he did not sleep so well... Until this course I was very happy with the championship and my horse. Now I feel a bit disappointed.

Emma Augier de Moussac (CZE)
A bit more difficult today, my mare was a bit tired. She was heavy. I had to take extra strides and I kind of lost my rythm. She felt tired today, and also this morning. But I am happy with my mare.

Danielle Goldstein (ISR)
It was good round, the course was real tough, it was real jumping today. There was a lot of options and questions out there. I executed my plan, which rarely happens, I am very happy with my horse.

Luiciana Diniz (POR)
I dont have the answers of what happened, and I think sometimes it is good not to have answers. I actually did not notice she had the second fence down, she just had a light touch. That´s the beauty of our sport. Everyday is a new day.

Harrie Smolders (NED)
Don jumped a super round today again. It is a tough course but I know Don is very scoopey so if I just keep him in a rythm it is no problem. I only had to convince him of the last fence, since he knows that a course normally ends after number 13, so he thought he was finished there.

Menendez Mieres Gerardo (ESP)
It was very technical hard today, but I am happy with today. My horse has been very good these days.

Christian Weier (LUX)
My round was really good, I made a mistake when I focused so much on one and two and then misjudged nr three. I tried to help my horse but he would have been better without me. This is the biggest course I ever jumped.

Antonio Matos Almeida (POR)
Very nice round today, I’m really happy. I thought it would be impossible to make it with just one down with such a young horse but he really impressed me.

Marie Longhem (NOR)
Very happy with my ride, my horse jumped fantastic. He’s been better for each day. The best horse in the world!

William Whitaker (GBR)
I had two down but my horse jumped real well. He spoked at number three and that broke my rythm to the combination and I have one down there. The rest of the course he jumped perfectly. Actually as my horse jumped I should be higher up on the leaderboard, this championship was tough so it´s just to learn and move on.

Juulia Jylas (FIN)
For sure it is big and heavy out there, I think my horse was a bit surprised in the light and looked, and then I got a big mistake. But he jumped really great. I can look back at this great experience and this fantastic show, I am happy I got to be here. Now we have to keep work on to get more clear rounds.

Szabolcs Krucso (HUN)
It was very difficult today. I think my horse was tired today. The light is maybe not optimal for my horse. But I am happy I finished.

Thomas Sandgaard (DEN)
Ok we had three down, it is a big track today and really difficult. I could have had her more balanced. Overall I am really happy with her. It is difficult to get in as a third rider, you really have to have plan going in there.

Maria Madenova (RUS)
Horse jumped as always amazing. I had quite a lot of pressure today. I was so I made a mistake, and she just tries her best and she is so brave. I am really satisfied.

Rene Tebbel (UKR)
Until fence number eight he was fine, after that there was no more power. This will change a lot today, it is a heavy course.

Michal Kazmierczak (POL)
My horse jumped great, he did a good job, ok we had the last one down, it was a touch. I am really happy, I think one down is good for being the first championship.