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Flash quotes Sunday August 27

News   •   Aug 27, 2017 16:55 CEST

Shane Sweetnam (IRL) Chaqui Z. Foto: Claes Jakobsson/Longines FEI European Championships Gothenburg 2017

Longines FEI European Championships Jumping Final round 1

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Shane Sweetnam (IRL)
He was great, a shame about the rail, but its big jumps out there and especially for the amount of jumping they have been doing this week. I am very happy with him. Hopefully we have some more in the tank for next round.

Harrie Smolders (NED)
Clear, it’s satisfying but it’s still one round to go.

Danielle Goldstein (ISR)
She jumped amazing, my mistake, she was flying around the course. She got a bit lost after the water to the vertical, and ended up with a pull, which she not deserved, I did deserve the pull... The rest she was fine. But I am disappointed we had that fault. It has been a long week, very emotional and exhausting, but I have been trying my best to distract myself, relax and do yoga. It has also been a good week, this is great place and it has been a pleas to be here riding in front of great crowd.

Marcus Ehning (GER)
One down is one two much for a final round. My horse jumped really, really good, but it was one unlucky rail, it happens. But it should not have happened today.

Philipp Weisshaupt (GER)
My horse is amazing and so fun to ride. He makes me look good as a rider and I really enjoyed it.

Jur Vrieling (NED)
Disappointed, Glasgow jumped very good, but I am very disappointed to have the first fence down, and then also the second. I don´t really know why. The whole championship has been a bit disappointing for us, he has been jumping great all week but still we had one down two often.

Henrik von Eckermann (SWE)
My horse jumped well but today it wasn’t enough. Maybe I should have another stride after the water.

Romain Duguet (SUI)
I had two down in the beginning of the course, 4a and b, and was thinking I have no chance to ride round 2, I lost my motivation after that and I don´t think it´s fair for my horse, and thought it was better saving her those jumps.

Niels Bruynseel (BEL)
I am very happy, after Friday was a big disappointment, I hope we can fight back today. My horse was amazing, she still keeps fighting every fence for me.

Jerome Guery (BEL)
He jumped clear and super, everyday he keeps getting better. I hope we get to come in for the second round. I knew from the beginning I had no chance of a medal, but I do want to finish with a good clear round.

Steve Guerdat (SUI)
I was a bit to close to number two, it was my mistake, I should have been riding better. She touched exactly three fences through the whole championship. She is a very special horse. Ok the luck has not been on our side this week, but I am looking forward to the next show.

Christian Rhomberg (AUT)
Finally! I have had one down all week, so finally it is a clear round. It was a really good feeling, my horse still has more than enough power. Today it felt quiet easy, he made it easy for me today.
Thanks to my whole team and sponsors.

Laura Klapphake (GER)
I am so happy! I have had the feeling she jumps better by each day. We have got a lot of experience here and I hope this was not our last championship. I am very proud of my horse.

Max Kühner (AUT)
Not satisfied with myself, but my horse did a great job. I get to deep to the water and had a fault there.

Marie Longem (NOR)
I’m very pleased with my horse over all. I made a few mistakes today but it’s my first senior championship, so I’m pleased. Gothenburg been better than every expectation.

Christian Weier (LUX)
I misjudged the distance and had a misunderstanding, we lost the rythm afterwards. Coming out of the trippel combination he lost his strength a bit. I am quite happy to be here in the final. This is actually my holiday, I do not do this as a professional. There has not been much holiday until know, but we will stay and enjoy two more days of Gothenburg.

Almeida Antonio Matos (POR)
For some riders 8 faults is too much, but today, for me this was a good round. To be in the final of our first European Championship on horse that is only 8 years old, is not too bad.

Gregory Wathelet (BEL)
I think it was great round, she felt really good. I thought she would be tired by now, but she feels even better today. I should have done four strides instead of five at the end. But I am happy with my round.

Sergio Alvares Moya (ESP)
To be honest it was not a very comfortable round, my horse was very hot. I came long in to the combination but all the rest he jumped ok.