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Hydra Processing Framework Named KMWorld Trend-Setting Product of 2012

News   •   Oct 11, 2012 13:30 CEST

Hydra—open source content processing framework for search-based applications

Data quality is very important when it comes to search results. By adding Hydra to a search solution, data quality can be improved and indexing is made more efficient. We are very pleased that KMWorld has named Hydra as a trend-setting product. and like to think that its features and the gap it fills in the market is the reason for this.

- "I am very glad that KMWorld recognizes Hydra as a Trend-setting product. Our goal for releasing Hydra as Open Source was to contribute technology back to the community that we think will be useful in many projects",  says Helge Legernes, founding partner and CTO at Findwise. He continues:

- "As a global market leader we always strive to help grow the market, Hydra is one important initiative in this effort".

About Hydra

Hydra brings an advanced pipeline to a search solution, through which documents have to pass before being indexed. Hydra can be used in the pipeline for simple things like extracting headlines, generate thumbnails and language detection but also for complex Natural Language Processing activities such as adding metadata about entities in a text (entity extraction) or determining the tone of an article (sentiment analysis). At customers Hydra is also used for enabling phonetic search and transliteration.

Highlights from the upcoming version include a new management console and UI, as well as Elastic Search support. More information about Hydra.

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