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It's more to creation of Content than to make a living

Blogginlägg   •   Dec 31, 2015 12:29 CET

Should anyone be a creator of content

There seem to be a vast interest from nearly everyone to create content. Pictures are taken on a instant, younger generations combine them well into beautiful Vine series, older one's continue to write long texts and when we communicate over the age boarders we pride ourselves with the use of Snapchat.

With most "creators of content" there is no expectation to earn any money on this content, needless to say to make a living out of it. Top post by James Bareham on Pulse right now describes how millions of creators do not get paid for their content - Probably most people create content every day it because it is fun, feels valuable or in some cases to be present and reach a certain status in the networks they operate within.

I work with revitalizing the media industry through technology, hence I am in constant search for traffic generators (eyeballs) and new revenue sources, and how we can help professional content creators to make a living out of their content. But maybe I am thinking the wrong way here, maybe we should leave the better part of new media to generations of non-professionals to actually create the content for us. Sometimes this is called User Generated Content. I recently invested in a interesting company aiming to experiment on this. One early concept you could find here:

My concern with this development however is based on lack of uniqueness and in the long term quality. Because when I look through my own creations and browse my "image bank" at Dropbox it's somewhat depressing. Who in the world except my closest family and friends would invest their time and engagement in this content? Well, it's unique alright and thats why it flies sometimes, but qualitative its not, trust me.

Right now it seems as if all content are collected in a gigantic database, searchable by Google and consumed by everyone all the time. But if you crunch the numbers you will likely see that most content in there will only be seen by a handful. My two questions for 2016 would be when a) user behaviour turns even more towards premium and high quality content (a k a content you would be willing to pay for) and away from content anyone could create and b) when Google (or anyone else) launch an algorithm that helps me get a search result based on quality rather than relevance as it stands right now.

I promise to continue my quest, to help people work with unique and qualitative content, generate more traffic and make a buck or two on it. Heck, why not, if you only want to build status, build your personal or some other brand you should to. It's brand new year out there, go get it and create more compelling content. Stay curious.

PS) The Elephants name is Impact. Read more about this art project here:

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