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Updated information regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Nyhet   •   Mar 18, 2020 14:34 CET

A message from the organization Frilans Finans and its stationary employees;

You, and all other umbrella employees (egenanställda) are on our minds.

By stationary employees we mean those in our organisation working full time to support your umbrella employees in the very best way. The stationary employees are responsible for invoicing your reported work, declaring taxes, handling payments to the Swedish Tax Authorities and ensuring that the umbrella employees have good working conditions (The list is of course not exhaustive; these are just a few examples of what the stationary employees are working with).

The queries we are trying to assist you with are; what happens when the customer wants to cancel my assignment and what happens if I get ill whilst I am on a contract?


We have tried to clarify the situation although we are aware that the information below is not exhaustive and may not be a complete answer to all the concerns related to the Corona epidemic.

However, rest assure that we do have a great understanding that this situation and unpredictable near future is causing a lot of stress for our umbrella employees. We will continuously keep you in the loop and update you on this matter.

As per of today the 1th7 of March 2020 we know the following:

Government and Parliament

In a press conference held on March 16th, the Swedish government clarified its initiative to facilitate for employers reducing working hours and thereby hopefully avoiding large-scale redundancies. The proposal means that the state will be responsible for three-quarters of the cost of reducing the working hours for the employees, this compared to short-term work where the cost is shared equally between employers, workers and the state.

The new regulations will come into force on April 7th, but will be applied from March 16 and nonwards during the full calendar year 2020. However, there are still some uncertainties regarding the practical application as well a need for clarifying guidelines

Moreover, there are a number of other initiatives that are intended to facilitate for both employers and employees (self-employed) in both the short and the long term, but also regarding these matter there are still a number of question marks regarding the application of these measures hence we are unable to support you with further information at this stage.

In case of illness

As a result of Covid-19, we ask you to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority to stay at home if you feel ill and have symptoms such as running nose, coughing or fever.

This should be respected in all cases - also if the symptoms are very mild. Stay at home until you are felling fully fit and two more additional days.

The government has furthermore announced that the pending deduction (karensavdrag) is temporarily cancelled and the Swedish state pay the illness benefit for the first day of illness. The new regulations is applicable from March 11th until May 11th, 2020. The measure means that the employee may subsequently seek reimbursement already for the first day of hsi or her illness from the state. The application can be made retroactively to the Social Insurance Office. The employer, in this case Frilans Finans, will make a regular salary deduction. For more detailed in regarding this initiative we have to ask you to have some more patience since we are still awaiting the formal changes in the Government's extra amended budget.

The employee must immediately report an illness leave to Frilans Finans. "(As also stated in accordance with section four (4 )of your employment contract).

You are obliged to report illness as well as registering when have recovered to us by phone, email or chat.

In order to be entitled to sick pay you must:

* for avoidance of doubt please note that these instructions and rules below are applicable only during April and May

- have worked continuously for fourteen (14) days before the illness, should there be different jobs these will be summed up, provided that no more than fourteen (14) days have elapsed between the jobs


- providing evidence or proof that an emplayment agreement (or order) existed, for example, e-mails, sms, time reports or assignment agreements


- Confirmation from the Customer confirming that work has been cancelled due to illness. Please provide the work date and the hours you were supposed to have worked. The requested information should be emailed by the customer to

For our common organization Frilans Finans through

The safety committe
Michaela Dittrich

Legal departement
Malin Lundberg Müller

Stephen Schad

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