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Vikingarännet – start in Uppsala, finish in Alvik

Nyhet   •   Feb 16, 2012 19:38 CET

For the third successive year , Vikingarännet starts in Uppsala and finishes in Stockholm/Alvik. The start time is Sunday 19th February, 8 am with approximatley 3.000 participants, skating 80 km. Vikingarännet is organized by Friluftsfrämjandet and Svenska Skridskoförbundet .

Vikingarännet is the second biggest outdoor winter sports event in Sweden. 2.000 skaters have already signed up for the race and we expect many more on Saturday at Stockholm Tourist Centre, Vasagatan 14, where individuals can purchase a starting place.  It is also possible to buy a place on Sunday at the starting location.

New this year – Tjejrännet – women only
This year, there is a new race, Tjejrännet, approx. 50 km, to encourage more female skaters to participate. The start is in Sigtuna and it finishes in Alvik.

Good ice and light wind

The track will be cleared during Thursday. The ice is 15-25 cm thick along the wide track. Ice quality is good, due to the cold weather. From the start in Uppsala, the race passes Sigtuna, Kungsängen and Hässelby to Alvik.

- “We have very good conditions for Vikingarännet, thanks to very cold weather.  With the good weather forecast, we hope for approx. 3.000 skaters” said Anders Tysk, general secretary for Vikingarännet.

Short walks and good service

The walk at Erikssund, looks to be shorter than normal this year. At the service stations, we offer warm drinks, buns and other snacks. There are 350 stewards to make sure the track and service is running smoothly. The race is made possible by the contribution of local authorities along the route assisted by volunteers.

Registration – buy a starting place/pick up number label

Saturday, 10 am – 2 pm, Stockholm Tourist Centre, Vasagatan 14, opposite Central Station.
Sunday, 7 am – 10 am, at the start
Transport by bus from Stockholm, Cityterminalen, straight to the start in Uppsala.

Members of the press

who wish to register for the race, please contact inger@vikingarä, 073 657 83 69


START IN UPPSALA – 8.00 Start elit from Skarholmen

SIGTUNA – ca 9.00 the first iceskater arrive

Kl.10.00 Women only - Start for Tjejrännet - Alvik. New this year.

KAIRO – ca 9.30 the first iceskater arrive

KUNGSÄNGEN – ca 9.45 the first iceskater arrive

A passage on land just before.

HÄSSELBY – ca 10.15 the first iceskater arrive
A passage on land. Lilla Skrinnarännet for children 10-13.

MÅL I ALVIK – ca 10.40 first iceskater reach goal
Elit normallyd o the race under three hours, 2.40-2.50. Most people do it in 4-8 hours.

For more information:
Anders Tysk, general secretary Vikingarännet, 00 46 70 514 01 80