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FundedByMe Denmark announces partnership with Accelerace

Press Release   •   Aug 23, 2013 08:00 CEST

Accelerace - Scandinavia's largest startup accelerator based in Copenhagen - and the crowdfunding platform FundedByMe have teamed up to address how crowdfunding can help kickstarting startups in Denmark.

“One of the most important and challenging tasks for startups is securing working capital to grow the company. Crowdfunding is a great tool for both validating your business idea among the members of the crowd and get investors on board. FundedByMe is the rising star of crowdfunding in Europe. Our goal is to identify new interesting startups to work with and use FundedByMe as a platform for financing the startups we already collaborate with,” says Christian Hoffmann, a consultant at Accelerace,

To kickstart the collaboration, Accelerace and FundedByMe have chosen Water Surveillance, an Accelerace alumni company. Water Surveillance has invented an intelligent tracking device that has the ability to speed up the recovery of water damage and leaks. The crowdfunding campaign aims to raise €135,000.00.

"The business opportunity for Water Surveillance is global, so it makes sense to tap into the power of cross-border crowdfunding investments that FundedByMe excells in", says Karsten Vandrup, CEO and co-founder of Water Surveillance.

But crowdfunding on a platform like FundedByMe is about more than just raising capital. “Most startups don’t just need funding, but also advice, guidance and a business network. Accelerace does a great job, mentoring and helping startups succeed. By combining the strength of the Accelerace model with the FundedByMe platform, we can help improve and fund promising startups. Water Surveillance will be the first of many projects and an example of how accelerators and crowdfunding platforms can work together,“ says Christian Gabriel, Country Manager for FundedByMe Denmark.

View the Water Surveillance campaign on FundedByMe here:


FundedByMe is Europe's fastest-growing crowd investment platform connecting investors and entrepreneurs – be it through reward-based or equity crowdfunding. Founded in April 2011 in Sweden, FundedByMe today operates with additional offices in Finland, Denmark, Norway, Spain and – in September 2013 - Germany.  

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