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FundedByMe launches much anticipated referral program

Press Release   •   Feb 15, 2016 12:19 CET

FundedByMe, a platform by the people for the people launches it's much anticipated Referral Partner program today. 

The company has always worked towards empowering a wast amount of people to invest, to lend or to support companies. The vision has always been that there is strength in numbers and that the social times that we live in can bring a global pool of fans to take part of the funding of companies.

Disrupting the financial industry is a tough job. It involves educating the world about the fact that crowdfunding for businesses exists, explaining how it works and showing the value it brings. The company preaches this as much as they can, but there will always be companies outside the range. On the other hand, thousands of fans can reach out and explain the benefits of raising investments via crowdfunding vs traditional funding.

FundedByMe has since it's inception embraced the power of true crowdfunding by having many people involved and many people part of the journey, development and growth. With more then 500 shareholders itself, the platform shows that having many fans and customers as shareholders can be an enormous force for growth on a global level. Also that hundreds of shareholders can be easily managed when the shareholders are empowered to act as brand ambassadors.

The launch of the referral partner program is to ensure that the fans, users, shareholders and ambassadors of the platform can benefit of the needs of their networks. For instance, if a users knows about a company that needs funding, and refers it to FundedByMe, then the platform welcomes that help and rewards it by sharing it's revenue.

FundedByMe has seen an increase of 11 times in January 2016 vs January 2015 on transactions on the platform and believes that true and global crowdfunding is reached only by engaging many people and having those as close partners.

Qualification for referrals are: 


Strong teams of highly motivated people, able to deliver on expectations. Substantial growth potential. Funding need of €150,000 - €2,5 million. Foreseeable exit possibilities.


Stable and trustworthy companies with lower risk profile and sound repayment ability. Funding need of up to €150,000. Based in Sweden.

Read all about this opportunity to earn cash from your network here.

FundedByMe is one of the only full-service crowdfunding platforms, offering capital through equity, loan and reward based crowdfunding. We have successfully funded some 500 companies from 25 countries. Our user base is a rapidly expanding network of more than 53 000 investors from over 74 countries around the world. We have local presence in countries around Europe and in Singapore, with headquarters in Sweden.

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