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How to build a crowdfunding market leader in 5 years

Press Release   •   Feb 09, 2016 08:00 CET

This weeks marks the unofficial fifth anniversary of FundedByMe, the leading crowdfunding site in the Nordics.

Unofficial, because a startup of this kind can't really pinpoint the actual birth day. Was it when Daniel had an idea in a car that there should be a way to help fund projects and companies like the newly launched US webpage Kickstarter did for campaigns in Europe? Or was it when Arno and Eric built the first landing page to crowdfund the building of a crowdfunding site? Or was it when the first pitch went live, with the aim to raise funds for the release of LeMuhr's new album? Or was it when the team decided to grow by hiring employee number one, Cathrine Åsklint, even though there were no funds for employees? 

Most likely the true birthday of the site was when it finally grew with the first 3 investors and could hire the stellar team of today, those who helped take an idea to a company, then to a change-maker and then to a true global financial service using the massive force of crowdfunding that are helping fund the companies of tomorrow.

FundedByMe celebrates five years of helping people.

Five years of helping investors find true global deal flow.

Five years of helping companies fund their growth fast with hundreds of shareholders and fans.

Five years of helping creatives capitalise on their fanbase.

Five years of helping society understand the power of crowdfunding and pushing change.

Over these five years, thousands of companies and projects have been helped by the FundedByMe team, thousands of global investors and supporters have invested, lent money to or supported a company or project.

Change has always been the driving force of FundedByMe, because every modern society should strive to improve and evolve. Change because the new social times we live in demands participation and allows companies to talk to, involve and find investors on a global level. FundedByMe took the local, slow analogue way of fundraising and improved it into a digital, fast and global service showing that the age we live in wants to invest and support entrepreneurs. 

In 2016 you can fund your company faster and more efficient with crowdfunding compared with traditional (slow) funding, at the same time showing that capital raised via crowdfunding is as good, as effective and as relevant as capital raised from one - or a few - traditional ways.

FundedByMe started as an idea when few had heard about crowdfunding, it pivoted when it added equity crowdfunding and evolved to a true financial service. And the next five years will be exciting as the company aims to grow it's crowd lending and equity crowdfunding product globally, aims for an IPO and aims to become a natural part of the financial system.

Join us for the ride and if you want to be part of history and maybe invest in a potential Next Big Thing, you can always find great pitches here.

- Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder

FundedByMe is one of a few full-service crowdfunding platforms offering capital through equity and loans. In the past years, some 433 companies from 25 different countries have been successfully funded with more than €16,9 million. The member base is a rapidly expanding network of more than 62,400 investors from over 173 countries around the world. FundedByMe headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden, with a local presence in countries throughout Europe, Singapore and Malaysia. 

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