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Goodbye Kansas showcases the power of their universe for artists

Press release   •   Jun 12, 2019 07:00 CEST

Anton Palmqvist, Peter Levin and Joakim Olsson at Goodbye Kansas

VFX artists Anton Palmqvist and Joakim Olsson at Goodbye Kansas Studios are the creators behind recently launched “ThunderGod”, a VR-game based on Norse mythology. The game demonstrates the company’s synergistic workflow, where artists with different skills are able to collaborate across lines of business and realize their own ideas, known internally as the “Goodbye Kansas effect”.

Goodbye Kansas Group, with VFX and animation experts Goodbye Kansas Studios and indie game investment company Goodbye Kansas Game Invest collaborate on the project “ThunderGod”, a VR-game created by Anton Palmqvist and Joakim Olsson, both artists at Goodbye Kansas Studios. The game was born as an idea in their spare time and a playable demo was put together which was presented to Goodbye Kansas Group CEO Peter Levin. The duo was given the green light to develop the game at work, and were also given the opportunity to enlist help from their Goodbye Kansas Studios colleagues, sister company Goodbye Kansas Game Invest and external partner Epic Games to finish it.

This collaboration model is part of Goodbye Kansas’ ambition to function as a universe for artists, which means a project can involve people from all companies within the group and gather competencies in VFX, CGI, Motion Capture, Performance Capture, game development, marketing and many other fields. This approach provides new ways for ideas and concepts to flourish and become real, a business model that is unique to Goodbye Kansas.

ThunderGod is a perfect example of how we view creativity, where a great idea can go from dream to reality through collaboration within our unique combination of companies and competencies. The word synergy is really worn-out, but this is actual proof of just that. We call it the Goodbye Kansas effect, since we are the only ones that truly possess all these skills under one roof, says Peter Levin, CEO at Goodbye Kansas Group.

We are very proud to present ThunderGod, it’s a remarkable feeling having brought this project to fruition. It wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else. Now we’re looking forward to developing and building on it further, together with all of our amazing colleagues and partners, says Anton Palmqvist, Head of Real-time at Goodbye Kansas Studios.

The Goodbye Kansas Group consists of Goodbye Kansas Studios, Goodbye Kansas Game Invest and Goodbye Kansas Infinite Entertainment, with studios in Stockholm, Uppsala, London, Los Angeles and Hamburg. Thanks to its wide, award-winning experience and expertise within VFX, CGI, Performance Capture, Digital Humans, Animation, investments in development and marketing of games, Goodbye Kansas offers uniquely integrated services for all visual mediums – a Universe for artists. The company group also creates, develops and manages its own Film & TV projects, brands and IP: s.

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