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Animal keeper died after bear attack

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 04, 2017 17:21 CEST

Today in the morning a bear attacked one of our animal keepers in Orsa Rovdjurspark.
The male animal keeper was inside an enclosure when one of the park's younger bears injured the animal keeper so severely that he passed away from his injuries.

The event is categorized as a workplace accident and the next step will include an investigation into what has occurred. The accident took place in connection with routine activities inside the natural enclosure in question.

"It is a terrible thing that has happened," says Anders Blomquist, acting CEO of Grönklittsgruppen.
"Focus during the first hours has been on handling everything surrounding the accident, together with police and rescue services, as well as supporting our staff. Initially we decided to close parts of the park, where the accident happened, to then, during the afternoon, close the entire park. Further details on how this accident could have occurred, despite all the safety regulations, will also be subject to an internal investigation. We have never been close to such an event before, in all the park's 31-year-old history."

"Today is a day of mourning, where our thoughts are with the family and friends," says Sven Brunberg, director of the park. "It is also important that we in the park care for one another as best we can and give all the support that is possible. To aid us in this, we have a crisis team that has been assembled here during the afternoon."

For any further questions please contact acting CEO of Grönklittsgruppen Anders Blomquist +46(0)70-394 84 64.

Grönklittsgruppen är ett av Sveriges snabbast växande turismföretag och omfattar följande anläggningar inom verksamhetsområdena:
Skid- och konferensanläggningar: Tänndalen, Orsa Grönklitt, Mora Parken och Ansia Resort.
Temaparker: Orsa Rovdjurspark, Sagolandet Tomteland och Sunne Sommarland.
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