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Zeptagram Launches a Blockchain Powertool for Trade of Music Rights

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 19, 2019 09:00 CEST


Zeptagram started with an incredible brainstorming session that asked a very simple question; How can we open up a closed market for music rights and give back power to music creators all over the globe?

There and then a journey began to offer composers and IP-owners a fair and transparent platform, to easily monetize new or existing songs.

The science behind this Earth-shattering platform lies in its simplicity – Zeptagram tokenizes music rights and have created a platform where the tokens can be traded. A powertool for the music industry.

In other words it allows the rightful-owner to offer song shares for investment to fans, investors and traders through an app-based platform. This employs Blockchain technology to trade, track and collect royalty income.“We have persevered in our mission, because we have insisted on the idea of giving back power and generating more value for the creators. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished. In fact, I think it is really amazing”, says co- founder Christina Löwenström, who has a background in the music, fashion industry, Johan Forsman Löwenström agrees, says it is great to go seize the benefits of new tech and Blockchain. We look forward to introducing Zeptagram to composers, publishers, record labels, managements, traders, press, and music fans at an event at Brewhouse October 1. With only 11 days until showtime, our staff has kicked into full gear and are committed to making this launch remarkable.

We look forward to seeing you at The Brewhouse Arena in Gothenburg on October 1st, at Åvägen 24

Time: 19-22 Team Zeptagram .

For more information, please

contact CEO/PR:+46739628971 

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