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Reduced climate impact leads to business advantages

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 30, 2014 08:17 CEST

The companies in the Haga Initiative aim to reduce their climate impact with at least 40 percent by 2020. Their results this far are presented in the new Greenhouse Gas Emissions Disclosure 2013, which is the fourth climate disclosure since 2010.

The Haga Initiative strives to reduce the carbon emissions of the business sector and to highlight the climate issue as one of the most important future issues. The Haga Initiative aim to act as a role model for companies that take active responsibility for the climate. Coca-Cola Enterprises Sweden is one of 14 members in the network, and they announce in the 2013 climate disclosure a decrease of carbon emissions by 66% from the reference year (2007).

-  The Haga Initiative has through its member companies proven that companies’ efforts to reduce their climate emissions also lead to other significant advantages. As a company that represents strong brands, we have the responsibility to be in the forefront of environmental stewardship and through the Haga Initiative we can also inspire others and be a voice in the political debate on climate change, says Pierre Decroix, VP and Country Director at Coca-Cola Enterprises Sweden.

The Haga Initiative believe that the absence of a political climate debate is worrying. A report from the Haga Initiative demonstrates how companies can be more profitable when integrating climate change into the business strategy. The profit derives from energy efficiency initiatives, reduced corporate risks, more satisfied customers, prouder employees and increased demand for their products and services.

-  People tend to believe that climate action is a costly burden for business. The companies in the Haga Initiative has shown that ambitious climate change strategies create business advantages and improve profitability. If politicians start to leave that misperception behind, there should be no barriers for more radical reforms to reduce emissions, says Nina Ekelund, Program Director, Haga Initiative. 

The member companies of the Haga Initiative make the following commitments:

-the CEO/management will actively shoulder its responsibility for climate change
-to have a well-founded and ambitious climate strategy
-to calculate and report on their climate impact, in accordance with the GHG Protocol
-to demonstrate a clear downward trend in their emissions

For further information please contact:

Nina Ekelund, Program Director Haga Initiative
+46 735 022464

Peter Bodor, Communications Director Coca-Cola Enterprises Sweden


Greenhouse Gas Emission Disclosure 2013

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