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Is your lab prepared for the end of Windows XP?

News   •   May 27, 2014 15:39 CEST

Is your lab prepared for the end of Windows XP?

After 13 years, Microsoft has officially discontinued the support for Windows XP since 8th April 2014. Because no security updates or fixes will be released anymore, a Windows XP based computer connected to any network or the Internet is much more susceptible to hackers and viruses. Security companies are predicting a massive wave of malware targeting specifically XP computers and (your) sensitive data. If you pc is not connected to any network your computer is not a risk.

If you’re Hamilton STAR Line system is controlled by a computer running Windows XP Pro, you might want to consider an upgrade of the pc and operating system to secure your IT environment. Hamilton offers individual packages for these upgrades which also include our newest software release VENUS Three.

The upgrade to Win 7 strongly requires the correct system configuration of both the system and STAR Line software. Else the proper functionality and complete data transfer cannot be ensured and furthermore depending on the software version the update can lead to a non-functional system.
Therefore please contact for more information and before you upgrade.
Please note that not all systems can be upgraded as some setups are depending on 3rd party software that may not be compatible with Windows 7.