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Using the Nimbus platform for automated sample preparation prior Roche "MagNA Pure LC" extraction

Press Release   •   Nov 08, 2016 08:50 CET

Using the Nimbus platform for automated sample preparation prior Roche Diagnostics "MagNA Pure LC" extraction

Simple method for preparation including documentation and traceability:

  1. 10 minutes for preparation of 96 samples
  2. Worklist read for sample input to Nimbus
  3. Barcode Reading and samples pipetted to Magna LC plate
  4. Automated Liquid Handling
  5. Result file for documentation and to be used downstream for PCR setup

Method Description:

  • The user is allowed to select between the following options:
    Pipetting from primary tubes to a MagNa Pure plate, one set of cryo tubes, two sets of cryo tubes or a MagNa Pure plate and one set of cryo tubes.
    It is also possible to select pipetting from cryo tubes to the MagNa Pure plate.
  • For pipetting to cryo tubes, the user can select the number of input samples. For pipetting to the MagNa Pure plate, the number of samples is always 31.
  • A dialog box shows where to load the tubes, the MagNa Pure plate and tips.
  • The barcodes of input and output tubes are read by Shift´n Scan. The user is warned for missing tubes and barcodes that cannot be read. If pipetting to cryo tubes is selected, it is checked that the barcodes correlate with the primary tubes.
  • Pipetting of 1000 ul plasma from primary tubes to the MagNa Pure plate and/or cryo tubes is performed. During aspiration from primary tubes, TADM is used to detect the pressure increase in the tip if the tip reached the buffy coat during aspiration. The aspiration is then stopped the volume aspirated in the tip is dispensed into the target well/tube. In the resulting report file, samples where there were not enough samples will be denoted as “pipetting error”.
  • Mapping files are generated and a worklist for PCR-setup is generated.

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