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Temporary work of art at SSE

Nyhet   •   Jan 25, 2017 09:28 CET

Misum is hosting a seminar today on sustainable consumption at the Stockholm School of Economics with Consumer Minister Per Bolund, among many other guests.

During the night, Patrik Qvist, the artist, created temporary art work in front of the school intended to widen our perspective on the seminar's theme: sustainable consumption.

Patrik Qvist is an artist with a background in architecture and land art, with his principal operations being in Stockholm. The past five years he has worked on issues related to climate and the environment, primarily focusing on text-based art in the public space.

"Patrik Qvist’s works calls us to create a poetic economy. Poetry has the property of deviating from our ordinary use of language to create emotional experiences and insights on phenomena in our lives and in society that are difficult to grasp and understand. The work asks us to reconsider and develop our current way of looking at markets, in order to create a broader understanding of the complex challenges of sustainability we face.", says Isak Nilson, Director of SSE Art Initiative

"The way we consume today is more critically than ever before called into question, as people are increasingly aware that the previous economic models for continuous growth are no longer a possibility. Patrik Qvist's call for a "poetic economy" brings our attention to the need to challenge our predominant way of developing and organizing the world as "homo economicus" and to start thinking about the type of society we collectively need to shape.", says Mette Morsing, Professor in Sustainable Markets at Misum/SSE

More information:
Tinni Ernsjöö Rappe
Communication Manager at Misum/SSE
0708-36 66 41

Isak Nilson
Director of SSE Art Initiative
0737-84 41 63

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