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Tekniska Verken i Linköping placed order and extends their Inobiz platform with Inobiz RTS, RunTimeServer

Nyhet   •   Jan 08, 2016 01:35 CET

Tekniska Verken placed an order for Inobiz RTS, RunTime Server and expanding their Inobiz installation of Integration Server.

Inobiz RTS is a comprehensive Conversion and Mapping Server with a built in Webserver and MapStore.

RTS - RunTime Server a Conversion and Mapping server

Inobiz RTS is a development of the RT concept with a built-in Webserver and a MapStore, a library for mappings. With the built-in Webserver RTS offers "platform independence" to other systems and/or ESB, Enterprise Service Bus example Mule, BizTalk etc. Together with Inobiz DS, Graphical Data Mapping tool and RTS ability to handle both simple and complex formats, platform independence makes it a strong complement to other systems and platforms

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