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Inteno makes e-health a reality

Press Release   •   Sep 30, 2014 13:11 CEST

E-health is predicted to become a billion-dollar industry but only when the technical challenges can be mastered. Inteno shows that it is possible already today.

A growing elderly population is a challenge. For many of us it would be better if we in old age or during periods of illness could stay at home as long as possible - but this requires a safe and reliable technical solution. Thanks to Inteno and its project partners such a solutions is now a reality.

-  Our vision is a digital home that connects to anything, at anytime from anywhere. To accomplish this we developed iopsys, an open source service delivery platform for embedded devices. The e-health solution we develop is a good example of an interesting and important application made possible using the iopsys platform, says Conny Franzén, CEO of the Inteno Group.

The patient will get a "health care box" and an alarm pendent. The alarm pendent is wirelessly connected via DECT to the health care box, enabling the patient to freely move around at home. The connection is not unique, but the rest is: When the patient presses the alarm pendant it triggers an event in the health care box that is sent upstream on a standardized protocol to the emergency center. The emergency center can talk directly to the patient through the DECT based alarm pendant. At the same time, a notification can be sent to family members - who can connect to and join alarm calls or talk directly to their relative and the emergency center.

You can also link various home automation sensors and webcams to the healthcare box and Bluetooth technology makes it possible to connect medical devices such as blood pressure and glucose monitors etc.

- iopsys is not only a software platform for the connected home, it is the center of an eco-system where companies from different areas with various specialties can co-operate and create services, commonly referred to as “Internet of Things”. Partner companies for the e-health project are Gigaset that offers the DECT based alarm pendant and sensors, and Alleato, which has developed the care software application and backend. iopsys is all about connection and co-operation, says Conny Franzén.
Inteno is a major supplier of residential gateway software and hardware solutions to European operators and network owners. The Inteno Group has subsidiaries and offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Belgium and is a part of the KAMIC Group, which has operations in thirteen countries and approximately 750 employees. Read more on and

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