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Flying start for jewellery designer AvZ Jewellery

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 30, 2012 16:00 CET

At the launch of AvZ Jewellery, the atmosphere is buzzing and there is great interest in the beautiful jewels. The beautifully hand cut black Onyx sparkles seductively together with the other colourful gemstones. Anette von Zweigbergk proudly displays her handmade jewellery - she does not regret her decision; to turn her hobby of making jewellery into a full-time job.

With curious looks and loving hands, the necklaces and bracelets are tried on. Anette von Zweigbergk tells her story about how she worked for an IT company for almost 30 years. In her spare time, she experimented with gemstones and different cuts to create unique jewellery for fashion minded men and women. Jewellery design was only a hobby until one day when she took the courage and decided to leave her hard work at IBM to start her own business. 

Jewellery can symbolise passion and play, but also gravity. It is often a symbol of love - engagement and wedding ring, morning gift or anniversary. It is also the perfect gift for a friend´s birthday or to honour someone for their loyal service. Regardless of the occasion, Anette´s jewellery assortment creates a “must-have” craving.

Why is your jewellery unique?
- To create an exclusive piece of jewellery, I always look for high quality stones, says Anette. Every stone is unique in its colour and cut. Every person is unique, and I want to mirror that with personal jewellery.

How large is the collection?
- The collection includes eleven necklaces at the moment. Most of them come in different lengths and seven of them also come as bracelets. I will add new designs to the collection over time. I have some new ideas and will extend the collection with earrings.

Where can I find AvZ Jewellery?
- It´s a flying start that Maruschka de Margò, which sells fashion from world leading international designers, is going to sell my jewellery. The store, which is located in the centre of Stockholm, has customers with very high demand on design, quality and service. I am currently also looking for retailers in Gothenburg and Malmö. If things go well, the next step will be Copenhagen and London, but one step at a time. I will sell through high fashion retailers. Jewellery is an important accessory and a fashionable outfit requires a beautiful piece of jewellery.

What are the opinions of the guests?
- Anette´s jewellery exudes glamour and style. It instilts one in a feeling of desire. Anette has focused on the stones in her design. My goal is to buy a necklace, says Anneli Waxin with eyes sparkling like the gemstones.
- It´s interesting that Anette focuses on the gemstone´s language and origin, adds Amanda.
- Very beautiful jewellery that stands out. I´ve never seen anything like it, excitingly black like the twilight. I´m falling in love, says Agnes.
- What an elegance, which one shall I pick, which one to invest in? asks Agneta Wahlström from IBM.

- The jewellery is lovely, both graceful and glamorous, which provides authority. I would really like to wear a necklace like that at a party, says Jeanette Eldin from Master Design.

The launch finished off with a drawing. Lena Bergqvist was the lucky winner of the beautiful bracelet Alexandra.

If you are interested in the jewellery you can buy the collection at Maruschka de Margò, Stockholm on Birger Jarlsgatan 7, phone: +46 (0)8 6788160, email:

For more information, please contact AvZ Jewellery!

Anette von Zweigbergk


Phone: + 46 (0)70 7999183

AvZ Jewellery was founded in 2012 by Anette von Zweigbergk. AvZ Jewellery designs, creates and sells unique and high quality jewellery made of natural gemstones and Sterling silver. Both jewellery and company are based on the principles of design, quality and innovation.

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