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Will Øredev set yet another record for chip implants next week?

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 02, 2016 09:53 CET

64 pioneers chipped at Øredev 2015

Øredev, since 2005 the largest developer conference in Scandinavia with 1300+ attendees, 150+ sessions, will build on the 64 implants from last year and once again offer free chip implants to its attendees. November 9-11 in Malmö, Sweden.

“Building on the theme of the year, COMPUTER POWER, we want to present both sides of the power that lies with developers; the possibilities and the risks. Chip implants leads the way in new ways of interacting with devices.” - Andreas Hammar, Conference Manager, Øredev

Wireless communication including NFC (Near Field Communication) is increasingly being used by a wide range of platforms and services for identification, logins, payments and information sharing purposes.

Starting with biohackers, a trend to wear NFC implants is growing rapidly and becoming more and more mainstream. At the 2015 Øredev conference we offered free chip implants to attendees, and by teaming up with Biohax International managed to leave a global record of 64 tech pioneers with a chip literally in their hand. A year later, the actual use for the implants have grown immensely and now includes replacing of key fobs, swipe cards and passwords as well as for data storage.

Øredev has always strived to be on the cutting edge of technology and the possibilities available to software developers, and bio-implants is both new, advanced and on the rise. We therefore would like to once again offer our attendees and guests to explore this technology have a chip implanted for free! Can we reach 128 implants this year?

About Øredev

Øredev is since 2005 Scandinavia’s largest developer conference with over 1300 attendees, 150 sessions, and over 100 speakers. The conference focus is on Cloud, Web, Mobile, VR/AR, Java, .Net, UX, Test, Agile, Languages, Security and Biohacking.

Read more about the program here:

For more information, please contact:

Andreas Hammar, Conference Manager Øredev

+46 706 14 86 81

Jowan Österlund

VD, Biohax International

+46 733 26 37 36

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