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Ny shlicha i Stockholm

Nyhet   •   Nov 08, 2017 11:45 CET

My name is Ella Banyan and I came to be a Shlicha to the community by JAFI, MAROM, NOAM, Habonim Dror and WZO. Let me break down this sentence:

First, myself, Ella- I was born in Israel 23 years age, grew up in Rehovot, did my military service as a GADNA commander in the Galilei, and just finished my BA in History and Arts in Ben Guryon University of the Negev in Be'er Sheva. In my studies, I focused on cultural history and national memory, specifically in Holocaust commemoration in Israel.

Shlicha is an "emissary", or junior ambassador or delegator.

JAFI is the Jewish Agency for Israel, an organization founded in 1929 and works to strengthen the connection between Jews from around the world with Israel through education. MAROM, NOAM and Habonim Dror are three youth movement. MAROM and NOAM being the Masorati ones, with MAROM focusing on 18-35 years old, and NOAM on the younger crowd of 8-18. Habonim Dror is a socialist Zionist youth movement, also for 8-18 years old. WZO is the World Zionist Organization, with which I work mainly on their educational programs about Hebrew.

I'm here to help the young Jewish Stockholm, to listen to you and your wishes, to help you grow in you Jewish identity, and to work alongside the community. Stay posted for exciting programs and feel free to contact me with your ideas or just for a friendly chat over a cup of coffee.


(+46) 72-367 92 00

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