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What is Procurement, really?

Blog post   •   Jun 18, 2018 12:59 CEST

About a month ago a group of friends and I decided to have an adventurous outing, and get away from the city life of Stockholm, Sweden.

After compiling a list of things we could do, we decided to go horseback riding.

We found a lovely woman named Lulu that lived in Fagersta, Sweden who owns about 20 Icelandic horses, and takes tourist groups on day-trips to ride. Being that I was a newcomer to the world of horseback riding, and am a generally interested person, I asked Lulu a lot of questions about Icelandic horses.

Because Icelandic horses are known to be a rather unique species of horse, I had lot of questions. Lulu explained to me her love for Icelandic horses, and how their physical build, performance, personality, trot-style and mentality differed from other species of horses. I thought to myself, ‘I will never put a horse into a generic box of ‘horse’ ever again.’

Being that I was new to the life of being a Swedish cowboy, I accepted my limited knowledge of horses, moved on with newly-gained insights, and came back to work at Kodiak Rating’s offices in Stockholm the next day.

That Monday, I walked in the front door and wrote a note in my phone immediately. It read:

What is procurement, really?

I’m just now revisiting this concept, and I guess the thought originally sprouted from my ignorance regarding types of horses, which may seem a bit odd. With all oddities aside, I work with procurement professionals, work in an organization that services procurement professionals, market a digital procurement platform, but had I ever really challenged my knowledge of procurement?

No is the answer, but I hope to do so now.


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