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"Last Night in Sweden."- This week's Phenomenom

News   •   Feb 22, 2017 14:07 CET


I’m going to try and stay away from the alternative facts.

Donald Trump’s executive order to ban Muslim’s entering the US from 7 specific countries (branded lands of Islamic extremism) was an order made out of fear and anger, which has created fear and anger.

The world watches in somber disagreement as Americans try and cope peacefully with prejudiced policy. Protest surmounting globally against the ban reminds us that there is a place for love and acceptance, and that place, is here- on Earth.

Today however, this Earth feels much more like an alternative universe. A universe filled with anger and prejudice, lead by a misguided individual.

Donald Trump’s presidency and entire organization, in a way, is one massively inefficient supply chain.

They have terrible governance, spotty compliance, low levels of sustainability and transparency, disapproval from the masses and they’re making working conditions worse by the minute. Irony is plentiful, considering Donald Trump’s status as a “successful business man,” as stated by Trump, himself (2016).

Well Mr. Trump, I hope you’ve done your homework.

Otherwise, the elaborateness of the analogy, you’re about to be a part of, might just “grab (you) by the p***y” (The 45th President of the United States).

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