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Sustainable Business News: ICA Does away with Plastic Vegetable Tags. Adopts... Lasers??

News   •   Feb 28, 2017 08:52 CET

ICA has decided to do a trial run with their new fruit and vegetable labeling technology. 

“It’s a new technique and we are searching for a smarter way of branding our products due to the fact that we think we have too much unnecessary plastic material or packaging material on our products,” says Peter Hagg, Business Unit Manager, ICA, Sweden.

This burning edge technology is still in an early phase, but if it were to work out, could reduce plastic use by the supermarket chain significantly. ICA's dedication to innovation in the name of sustainability is valiant and should be noticed by other retail giants. 

Whilst reducing their use of plastic, they're also adding supply chain transparency in a whole new fashion. The stamp/tattoo of the fruit/vegetables origins relays a symbol of certainty to consumers that the product is in fact eco, and it is in fact produced where it's tattoo label says. 

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