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What is the price of responsible consumerism??

News   •   Feb 21, 2017 09:09 CET

Tomatoes at the local grocery store cost 15 SEK for a package of six plum tomatoes. 15 SEK is equivalent to about 1.67 $ or 1.51 £. At the exact same store one plum tomato with organic/ecological markings costs roughly 10 SEK equivalent to about 1.11$ or 1 £.

Every single day, as individual consumers, we choose between economy and ecology. We ask ourselves; will buying products from ecological, fair trade and socially responsible brands make a bigger dent in our wallets or our ecological footprints?

Financial proficiency and stability (especially in regards to cost) in individualized consumerism will always be a restriction, and question of ecologically responsible consumer practices. On an individual level, sustainably, socially and environmentally conscious practices are pretty cut and dry. Especially when it comes to the consumption and purchasing of food products.

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