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Kodiak Rating's Malin Schmidt set to speak at Leader's Experience Meeting

Press Release   •   Sep 05, 2017 10:12 CEST

Kodiak Rating's CEO, Malin Schmidt, has been invited to INBRASC's Leader Experience Meeting, this week, in Orlando, Florida. 40 of Brazil's top procurement leaders will be ready to hear Malin delve into an hour talk surrounding "Disruptive Innovation and it's place in Supply Chain Management".

Inbrasc is an organization, headquartered in São Paulo Brazil, focused around furthering the education of supply chain professionals. Their passion and focus is based around keeping professionals up to date with coming market trends, and building a basis for more sustainable growth within supply chain management teams in Brazilian industry. 

Enter Malin Schmidt, CEO of Kodiak Rating and guest speaker to the Leader Experience Meeting on September 7th. Malin's experience and transition from her posting at DNV to the startup-tech world makes her the perfect candidate to speak about how tech is disrupting the traditional structure of supply chain management. 

Disruptive innovation and technology challenges the commonality and inter-workings of business by creating entirely new methods for conducting business, at its very core. It can literally flip market models upside down; crushing competitive/current innovation in its path. The opportunity for emerging disruptive technologies, and their application to supply chain management, is a topic worth delving into. 

These are the kind of seminars that suggest the notion: testing the boundaries of the norm has become the new norm. We, at Kodiak Rating, feel proud to be a part of the Digital Transformation of the supply chain. 


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