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Design exhibition on sustainable food at "Årets Kock 2014"

Nyhet   •   Feb 05, 2014 14:56 CET

This design exhibition on sustainable food experience at "Årets Kock 2014" competition is produced by Konstfack's 3rd year industrial design students including many exchange students from international schools around the world. The exhibition takes place on Febuary 7th 2014 at 9:00-16:00, Stockholm Waterfront, Nils Ericsons Plan 4, Stockholm, Sweden.

The ethnic diversity of the participants was strongly supported, encouraging each design team to translate, mix & shape their culturally rooted food experiences into a creative design solution.

This exhibition shows the results of a collective design process, set 10-20 years in the future. It pivots around exploring new ways of collecting, creating, preparing and sharing a new food experience by merge sustainability & aesthetics.

The course aim was to:
- integrate a sustainable perspective with an aesthetic perspective where smell and taste are in focus
- deal with a future-oriented design process
- share cultural differences and similarities
- explore new ways to make and serve food
- engage the community in a sustainabile food experience

Throughout the course we engaged artists & designers, who shared their knowledge & experience from performance arts, wine tasting, industrial design & culinary arts.

Course leader
• Cheryl Akner-Koler, in collaboration with Ulrica Bohné, created this course to engage students in sustainable issues through sensuous experiences. Contact:

Co- Teachers
• Sommelier Mischa Billing created unique sensitizing labs to energize the design process by sharing her insight in how smell and taste are intertwined. She also presented a critical analysis of how unethical wine industries exploit workers and the environment.

• Nils-Johan Eriksson presented methods for working with future scenarios and inspired explorative design activities.

• Ulrica Bohné presented current research on sustainability with focus on local and organic production, transition from meat to other protein sources, awareness about transportation, and problems with fossile fueled greenhouse produced crops, etc. Centre for Sustainable Communications (CESC), Royal Institute of Technology Guests

• Annika Göran Rodell lead a day of sensuous exercises in the inspiring landscape at Vinterviken gardens.

• Clive Van Herdeen & Jack Mama dropped by to lead a discussion about how im portantit is to base creative projects on sustainable issues.

Read more about sustainable food

Food wasted - from farm to landfill.pdf
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