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​​​Searching for lost love in Tulsa and blurring lines between leisure and labour – Johanna Stillman's and Florence Wild's MFA exhibitions at Konstfack

Nyhet   •   Nov 10, 2016 12:37 CET

Foto: Johanna Stillman, Tessa Van Thielen

MIDDLE OF NOWHERE – Johanna Stillman

Tulsa, Wednesday 27 September

Oh Taylor,

Yesterday I saw someone who looked like you. He was in a silver pickup with his window down and the evening breeze in his hair. I think I saw kids in the backseat, and he was wearing a white shirt that looked expensive. One minute, then it was over. Was it you? Was it not? I’m in your hometown; it's possible to run into you. But just like that, in a pickup, on a road, in the evening when I concentrate on crossing without being hit by a car. Is that how I meet you, my long lost love? I’m not sure. /Johanna

In her master project Johanna Stillman travels to Tulsa, Oklahoma, searching for her first love, the singer Taylor Hanson. Through writing and performance she tells a story about memories, location and love.

SILVER TEA – Florence Wild

Later, thinking back on my early years in Sweden, I will remember that I spent a good part of my leisure and working time in solitude, painstakingly knitting metre after metre of fishing line. To say it aloud sounds like a form a punishment. But nourishment is perhaps a better word. 
I read somewhere that dreams are calisthenics for your memory. Your mind performing star jumps, squats, lunges. Working up a sweat while the body rests.

Florence Wild presents her MFA exhibition Silver Tea, an immersive installation comprising of sound, 35mm slide projection and a six-metre long piece of hand-knitted fishing line, an endeavour taking over four years to complete.
Silver Tea explores the blurring of lines between activities of leisure and of labour, observation and the wandering mind as both passive and active gestures, and periods of transition as representing specific moments of transformation.

Vernissage Monday 14 November, 16–20 at Galleri Konstfack and in Project room A10

Opening hours: 15–18 November, Stillman 3–7 pm, Wild 1–5 pm, both: or or by appointment


Konstfack, LM Erikssons väg 14, subway station Telefonplan

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