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Swedish sound design agency Lexter among the winners at the International Sound Awards 2019

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 23, 2019 15:09 CEST

The International Sound Awards, ”ISA”, honors innovative, smart and useful projects, products and services within the music and sound industry under the motto “Make The World Sound Better”. On Thursday the 19th of September it was time for 2019 year's edition in Hamburg, Germany.

The Swedish sound design agency Lexter had six nominations with the sound design concepts developed for Swedish bank Swedbank and the shopping mall Gallerian in Stockholm. With the nominations Lexter received six “Better Sound” awards. The agency was awarded with the prestigious first prize “ISA Bell Winner” in the category Universal Design for the sound masking and soundscaping solution at Swedbank.

Lexter´s sound design for Gallerian was nominated in the categories “Audio Branding”, “Audio Marketing” and “Soundscapes and Ambient Sound”. The sound design concept for Swedbank was nominated in the categories “Universal Design”, “Soundscapes and Ambient Sound” and “Noise Protection”.

The submissions for the International Sound Awards come from all over the world. Except for Sweden, the nominees of 2019 include submissions from for example USA, Singapore, Costa Rica, Finland, Germany and Italy.

Gallerian is an iconic shopping destination in the heart of Stockholm. As a part of a renewal process Lexter was invited to create an inspiring and welcoming sound design concept in line with Gallerian’s brand values. Lexter developed an audio branding platform and with this as a foundation the sound design concept is a creative tool that is brand building, creates brand recognition and contributes to a pleasant and stimulating sound environment for customers and staff.

Swedbank is one of Sweden´s largest banks. It is of great importance to them that the customers can discuss private, financial matters with the staff at their bank offices in a safe way, without the risk of overhearing. For Swedbank Lexter developed a concept with sound masking zones in the most vulnerable waiting areas at the bank. The customers who are inside a sound masking zone listens to a specially produced and pleasant audio content that reduces the risk of overhearing and also helps to shift focus away from someone else´s private conversation at the service desk. The concept is now implemented in more than 50 Swedbank offices around Sweden. 

For more information about the sound design concepts: 

Project film for ​Swedbank

Project film for ​Gallerian Sound Design

Project film for ​Gallerian Audio Branding

Lexter Sound Design creates innovative sound and scent experiences in public environments, always with the human being in focus. As one of the leading actors in Europe Lexter designs concepts within scent and sound for e.g. shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, offices and safety environments. By taking care of the whole process, from idea to technical installations, Lexter enhances the impression of an environment and adds new dimensions.

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