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The first pipes for the automated waste collection system are now in place in Norrtälje harbor!

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 24, 2017 13:19 CET

Installation of AWCS pipes in Norrträlje habour. Logiwaste outdoor inlet model C will be used in Norrtälje harbor for providing users with an effective, safe and hygienic collection. (Picture of inlets from earlier project)

In the new habour district in Norrtälje about 2000 new apartments are being built, which will accommodate 4000-5000 people. The old wharf are given new life with a south-facing dockside walk, tree-lined streets, cafés and boating. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic are prioritized and heavy transports are minimized. The automated waste collection system is an integral part of the new sustainable town district and the new waste system.

The municipality has chosen stationary automated waste collection system (AWCS) for the collection of food and household waste in the area. This initiative for sustainable urban development in a small town is unique in Sweden. The AWCS in Norrtälje harbor are supplied by Logiwaste AB and designed with flexibility for future requirements and to be used for waste sorted in various ways.

Furthermore, in the area there are planned for three recycling stations for packaging, securing an accessible and efficient collection and transportation of packaging and newspapers. All blocks will have no more than 200 meters walking distance to the nearest recycling station. Complementary activities focused on reuse and especially disposal of hazardous waste may be developed further in the new district.

Initially, household food waste and combustible residual waste as well as household waste / combustible residual waste from businesses will be collected in separate inlets to the AWCS. The system can be adapted to collecting more types of waste in the future.

The first pipes are installed in February / March 2017 and the plant is scheduled to be in operation the first quarter of 2019.

The automated waste collection system will be fully built in 2025-26 and include circa 80 inlets for residents and businesses.

Advantages of the vacuum system:

  • Effective, safe and hygienic waste collection
  • Reduced transports in a highly exploited area
  • Improved working conditions for waste collection
  • The AWCS control system makes it possible to analyze and feed-back information and statistics

  • Logiwaste utvecklar, marknadsför, levererar samt säkerställer installation och underhåll av innovativa och flexibla sopsugssystem för hantering av kommersiellt avfall och hushållsavfall. Användningsområden omfattar bland annat sjukhus, flygplatser, bostadsområden, storkök och köpcentrum. Bolaget har sitt säte i Vallentuna, Sverige och verkar i samarbete med ett nätverk av partners. Tillsammans skapar vi ett komplett erbjudande av innovativa, kundanpassade lösningar inom sopsugssystem med kostnadseffektiv drift och underhåll.