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Loxysoft AB acquires Dolphin AS and forms Loxysoft Group

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 24, 2014 15:00 CEST

Loxysoft AB, Sweden’s most successful supplier of products and services for the contact center industry acquires Dolphin Software AS of Verdane Capital and Via Venture Partners and forms Loxysoft Group.

Loxysoft’s number one position in the market for outbound calls is based on the Nordic region's most effective dialer system that includes dialer and sales support system Loxysoft Sales and related hardware and infrastructure. After years of dominance on the Swedish market, Loxysoft now takes a big step forward and acquires Dolphin Software AS, including its subsidiary Dolphin Software AB, formerly XLScheduler AB and forms Loxysoft Group. In addition, the telephone operator Loxytel AB will also be part of Loxysoft Group.

Following the acquisition of Dolphin Software AS, Loxysoft Group has a complete offering including software, hardware, infrastructure and expertise to secure its position as the leading supplier of tools for contact-intensive operations and sales organizations.

–  Being the biggest supplier in the Nordic countries has many advantages for our existing customers and of course it's a competitive advantage that we can showcase reference customers worldwide, says Tobias Sjölander, CEO of Loxysoft Group.

Loxysoft has since the forming of the company had great success with the dialer system and sales system Loxysoft Sales. Following the acquisition of Dolphin AS, Loxysoft will expand its product portfolio with Dolphin Contact Center. Dolphin Contact Center is used by contact centers worldwide and is a leading system for incoming telephony. New to the portfolio are also ProScheduler, Dolphin Q and Social CRM. ProScheduler is a leading work force management platform that helps businesses optimize and streamline their staffing. Dolphin Q is a complete contact center solution for companies and organization that use Microsoft Lync as a communication platform. Social CRM manages a company's communication and brand monitoring in all social channels via a single intuitive interface. All of ProScheduler, Dolphin Q and Social CRM have stable customer bases and are spread worldwide.

Thus Loxysoft’s focus on outbound calls, and effective sales is now complemented with Dolphins ability to handle inbound telephony and customer service.

–  When the two companies match each other as well as Dolphin and Loxysoft do, there are a lot of synergies that are difficult to access otherwise. Dolphin and Loxysoft combining their operations makes Loxysoft Group an unbeatable combination, says Haakon Smeby, President at Dolphin Software AS.

The acquisition of Dolphin Software AS and incorporation in Loxysoft Group will bring great benefits to both Dolphin’s and Loxysoft’s existing customer bases. Loxysoft Group is a global player capable of competing in many different markets and attract a much larger audience than either of the companies alone. The merger will double the workforce and broaden the competencies thus strengthening Loxysoft Group and its customers for the challenges that contact-intensive enterprises are facing in the coming years.

–   Now when all the pieces fall into place, we see a great potential for international growth, says Emma Skygebjerg, CEO of Dolphin Software.

Loxysoft Group will initially have a turnover of 140 million SEK and have offices in Östersund, Bräcke, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo. The headquarters will remain in Östersund.

About Loxysoft

Loxysoft is a modern and ambitious IT company that was built up around the dialer system and sales support system, Loxysoft Sales, huge success. Loxysoft was in the mid-2000s ranked as one of the world's five hundred fastest growing companies. Today the company has stabilized and maintains sustainable growth. Loxysoft has 50 employees in three locations in Sweden: Östersund, Stockholm and Bräcke.

The launch of Loxysoft Flow in 2012, strengthened Loxysoft’s profile as a sales support specialist and expanded the market for Loxysoft’s products. Nowadays, Loxysoft has broadened its target audience to virtually all contact-intensive companies and companies where efficient sales matters.

About Dolphin

Dolphin is one of the leading product and service providers in the contact center industry and workforce planning. Dolphin delivers complete solutions and consulting services to both private and public sector, for everything from small to large contact centers. With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, Dolphin has a sound knowledge and a good understanding for all kinds of challenges in the contact center business.

Dolphin delivers stable and user-friendly systems for managing tasks through both traditional channels such as social media and instant messaging, and Workforce Management (WFM).

About Loxytel

Loxytel AB is a telephone company that supplies telecommunication services to businesses. Loxytel now has the opportunity to be a total supplier to companies doing business around the world. Loxytel grew in 2013 through the acquisition of the company Mobot AB. The acquisition included an IP Centrex telephony platform and the entire staff and their collective expertise. Loxytel has extensive expertise and experience in both the switchboard, operator services and telecom strategy. An important strength Loxytel possesses is experience from both the supplier and customer perspective, which results in extraordinary customer understanding.

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