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Africa On Display


Talented designers raising awareness, embrace and celebrate the sublime beauty of African culture.
Lydmar Hotel, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2 111 48 Stockholm
We are delighted to host Africa On Display together with Miriam Event to raise awareness, embrace and celebrate the sublime beauty of the African culture; which will be identified (on show) by a number of leading pioneers of the fashion industry. The purpose of this evening is to highlight and channel the sheer creativity, upbeat energy and overall brilliance of the African fashion. We guarantee to celebrate and treasure the amazing spirit of East Africa; it’s unique history and it’s bright future. We welcome you to join us for a fantastic night full of activities and celebration. Doors open at 17:00 The talented designers displaying their range during the course of the evening are as follows: Mitsuka Magnolia Salum *MAGNOLIATA the label was established by designer Mitsuka Magnolia, who was raised in tanzania and now operates out of stockholm. Her line has “a focus on celebrating cultures with an African touch. The brand focuses on custom wear as well as ready to wear attires [sic] and accessories with a reflection of Eastern and Far Eastern influences, and with a whole lot of African fusion.” Sabrina Nkondola *MONA SABRINA is a brand that started with an idea of creating contrast. Using materials of different kinds to create a beautiful outcome. Most of the materials are recycled from old clothes, using the textile and materials to create something new. Mona Sabrina don't see old materials as waste. We use what we have to create a new and vibrant piece. Since we are using materials from different sources, each piece becomes unique. -MPIA (My Priod Is Awesome) by Wise Economy Is a project platform that: * Helps raise awareness. * Provides girls in developing countries with a sufficient sanitary protection during their menstruation. * Provides girls and boys in developing countries with greater knowledge on puberty, their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). * Provides tools to trigger dialogue and promote community through positive role models. With regards to sustainable use of natural resources, Wise Economy works with reusable products like menstrual cups and washable pads.

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