Medeonstipendiet på 50 000 kronor tilldelas Malin Fex på LUDC

Pressmeddelanden   •   Okt 17, 2017 16:23 CEST

”Den insulinproducerande betacellens vara eller icke vara vid diabetes - det är frågan", är rubriken på föreläsningen av årets Medeonstipendiat, docent Malin Fex. Hon kommer att tilldelas Medeonstipendiet söndagen den 5 november i samband med att Världsdiabetesdagen uppmärksammas på Malmö Live, där det bjuds på föredrag, forskning och utställare. Evenemanget välkomnar hela familjen.

Regional startup companies in Start-up Challenge@NLSDays 2017 in Malmö

Pressmeddelanden   •   Sep 12, 2017 09:57 CEST

The Nordic Life Science Days is the largest partnering event for life science in the Nordic region, which is being held September 12-14 in Malmö for the first time. More than 1200 participants from 30 countries are expected to take part in the event, with the aim of making new contacts for cooperation and business.

The companies Edvince and Saga Diagnostics from SmiLe as well as Finn Medicinen and Innovosens from Medeon are joining the Startup Challenge. In addition, 28 startup companies from SmiLe and Medeon are presented at the fair, financed in part by the EU project “Southern Sweden Going Global” and backed by Invest In Skåne.

“Presenting these 28 companies from SmiLe and Medeon allows us to show the strength and innovation that can be found in this region, which is also confirmed in several new international reports,” says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO at SmiLe Incubator.

The pitch competition is financed by SmiLe Incubator, Medeon Science Park & Incubator and Johnson & Johnson, and arranged by Sweden Bio and Bio Nordic.

“We believe that the pitch competition is an excellent opportunity to showcase our Nordic incubator companies in a larger context,” says Ulf G. Andersson, CEO at Medeon Science Park & Incubator.

Other participants at NLSDays include other Nordic startup companies, investors and industry representatives from pharma, medtech and biotech.

For more information, visit:;

Brief descriptions of the startup companies in the pitch competition:

Edvince – new paradigm for treating brain hemorrhage Interview with the CEO of Edvince

Saga Diagnostics – cancer diagnostics and monitoring Interview with the CEO of Saga Diagnostics

Innovosens – accurate diabetes diagnostics Interview with the CEO of Innovosens

Finn Medicinen – digital pill organizer for medicines Interview with the CEO of Finn Medicinen

Facts about the Medeon Science Park & Incubator in Malmö, Sweden:

Medeon is a research park specializing in pharmaceutical development, medical devices, bioengineering and health care. It is located in Malmö in the middle of the Öresund region, as well as the middle of Medicon Valley – the geographic area where the majority of Scandinavia’s life science companies are located. Medeon is currently home to about sixty companies with a total of 450 employees. Medeon is owned by the City of Malmö (60 percent) and the property company Wihlborgs (40 percent).
Contact: Catrine Pauckstadt, communications manager, Medeon AB, +46 (0)70-305 25 65,

Facts about the SmiLe Incubator in Lund, Sweden:

SmiLe is a business incubator based in Medicon Village in Lund. SmiLe helps life science entrepreneurs to commercialize new ideas. SmiLe also gives the companies access to an infrastructure that is unique of its kind in Sweden, with well-equipped laboratories and advanced instrumentation. The community companies have attracted more than SEK 1 000 million in venture capital to date since 2014. SmiLe has its major financing from Lunds university, Lund Municipality, Region Skåne och Medicon Village.
Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO at SmiLe Incubator, +46 (0)73-400 04 33,

Facts about Southern Sweden Going Global:

Four life science companies from SmiLe Incubator and Medeon Science Park & Incubator are showcasing their innovations at a Nordic pitch competition – the Start-up Challenge – at NLSDays tonight, September 12th in Malmö. They were chosen together with 11 other companies after fierce competition with other Nordic companies.

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Internationellt center etableras i Malmö – Biora vinner Malmö stads Näringslivspris inom Life Science 2017

Pressmeddelanden   •   Feb 13, 2017 22:16 CET

Med en odontologi-produkt mot tandlossning i världsklass, utvecklad i Malmö och med en produktionsanläggning godkänd för medicintekniska produkter i klass 3, kliver nu Biora vidare och utvidgar sin verksamhet.

Medeonstipendiet på 50 000 kronor tilldelas Peter Spégel på LUDC

Pressmeddelanden   •   Sep 28, 2018 14:15 CEST

"Vad kan vi lära oss från detaljerade studier av ämnesomsättningen?" är rubriken på föreläsningen av årets Medeonstipendiat, docent Peter Spégel. Han kommer att tilldelas Medeonstipendiet lörd. den 10 november i samband med att Världsdiabetesdagen uppmärksammas på Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live, där det bjuds på föredrag, forskning och utställare. Evenemanget vänder sig till hela familjen.

PILA PHARMA passes the start-up phase, prepares for efficacy trials and increases focus on 'Effective and Affordable Medicine' by electing the health economist Ulrikka Klarskov Kjær to the Board of Directors

Pressmeddelanden   •   Dec 06, 2017 17:28 CET

Given the fact that PILA PHARMA has established itself as a young, but serious player in the diabetes field and that the company has been able to recruit an extremely competent staff to develop the company, Per Antonsson from Almi Invest has decided to step down from the Board of Directors in order to focus on new start-up projects in Almi’s portfolio.

Per Antonsson says: I was one of the very first to see the potential in PILA PHARMA and we were the first external investor to join almost 3 years ago. I have been delighted to be actively involved in the company’s lift-off as well as being a member of the Board of Directors. The company has now grown to a size and maturity where I consider it to be stable enough for me to scale down my day-to-day engagement. I would like to thank Dorte for her commitment and strong will to succeed, and, as the second-largest investor in the company, I will follow the company from the outside with continued interest.”
Dorte X. Gram, CEO of PILA PHARMA states: “We have been privileged to have had access to Per’s experience and network. Per has played a crucial role in the company’s start-up phase shaping the company to allow for future growth. We consider his wish to step down from the Board, to be a statement of his positive thoughts on PILA PHARMA.”

Erik Nerpin, Chairman of the Board, continues:Per has been a very engaged member of the Board, and we will miss his contributions to the strategic decisions we make. In the search to find a suitable replacement to Per, it has been important to add new skills, and we have analysed the forthcoming challenges and opportunities for PILA PHARMA. The Board of Directors has identified positioning of XEN-D0501 as a better and cheaper drug-choice as very important. We therefore look forward to welcoming Ulrikka Klarskov Kjær and her unique competences within international health economics to the Board of Directors.”

Ulrikka Klarskov Kjær supplements: "The world, and in particular developing regions like Africa, need access to effective and affordable treatments of diabetes to tackle the health-related and economic consequences of the disease. Therefore, I'm delighted to join PILA PHARMA to help elucidating the potential health economic benefits of XEN-D0501 in treating diabetes and potentially obesity in the future.

Ulrikka holds a double degree with an MSc in Health Economics as well as an MA in African Studies and has worked on multiple international projects. In addition, she has extensive specialist and managerial experience from Danish appointments at Novo Nordisk, Rambøll and Ledøje-Smørum Municipality, the latter as Director of Health and Social Affairs.

For further information, please visit: PILA PHARMA Board of Directors

Notes to Editors:



Dorte X. Gram, CEO

M: +46 (0)73 903 6969



PILA PHARMA is a privately held clinical stage pharmaceutical company based in Malmö, Sweden that is developing XEN-D0501, a TRPV1 antagonist, as an effective and affordable treatment of diabetes and associated obesity.

For further information, please visit:

About diabetes

Diabetes is a worldwide pandemic with a staggering prevalence of more than 425 m diabetics corresponding to approximately 8-10% of the population.

The disease can lead to cardiovascular disease resulting in reduction of quality of life for the patient, increased risk of death and high health care expenses. Approximately 90 % of all diabetics suffer from type 2 diabetes, whilst approximately 10% suffers from type 1 diabetes.

PILA PHARMA, founded in 2014, now counts +10 core members and has thus passed the "start-up" phase. "We are about to move out of the Medeon Incubator in Malmö and have also established a Danish affiliate to handle the R&D activities in Denmark", says Dorte X. Gram, CEO of PILA PHARMA.

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Medeonstipendiet på 50 000 kronor tilldelas docent Ola Hansson, LUDC

Pressmeddelanden   •   Sep 22, 2016 13:38 CEST

Nyttiggörande och kommersialisering av forskning – är rubriken på Medeondagens program som går av stapeln måndagen den 26 september på CRC, Clinical Research Center, SUS i Malmö, Jan Waldenströms gata 35. Det är Medeon i samverkan med LUDC som arrangerar dagen.

Medicin som kan bota MS och typ 1 -diabetes utvecklas på Medeon

Nyheter   •   Apr 25, 2016 08:50 CEST

Forskaren Thomas Bäckström har gjort upptäckter som kan leda till ny medicin för behandling av kroniska sjukdomar som exempelvis multipel skleros, MS.

Framtidens hälsa i fokus på CRC:s 10-årsjubileum och på Medeondagen

Nyheter   •   Apr 25, 2016 08:49 CEST

Den senaste forskningen inom folkhälsa kommer att presenteras populärvetenskapligt vid höstens två spännande evenemang, den 18 augusti och den 26 september.

Rådgivning till föräldrar som har barn med diagnos

Nyheter   •   Feb 17, 2016 14:48 CET

Camilla Norberg Hansens affärsidé baseras på hennes tjugo år långa erfarenhet av att hävda sitt funktionsnedsatta barns rättigheter gentemot myndigheter. I februari i år flyttar hon in i Medeons inkubator med sitt bolag Almbacka och drar igång en rådgivande verksamhet riktad mot föräldrar som har barn med funktionsnedsättningar.

Medeons nya styrelseordförande

Nyheter   •   Feb 17, 2016 14:47 CET

Vi ställer några frågor till Medeons nya styrelseordförande Sofia Hedén som är socialdemokratisk politiker i Malmö kommun och nu har suttit som styrelseordförande för Medeon i fem månader.

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