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Smart consumer tips for Cat & Animal Free!

Blogginlägg   •   Maj 11, 2016 14:11 CEST

Our Cat & Animal Free 300 from Silverline, with the advanced sound technology Silverline A-Frequency™ keeps your garden free from intruding animals. With 4 different A-Frequency™ settings you can repel the specific animals from the area without using poison.

How to use the Cat & Animal Free 300?

Here are some ideas:

  • Identify what kind of unwanted animal you want to repell so you can use the repeller with the correct setting for optimal effect.
  • Position the repeller with the front/detector pointed towards the area the unwanted animal has to cross to access the place you want to protect.
  • Make sure that the repeller is positioned at a height suited to the animal you are trying to repel for the best possible sensitivity of the detector.
  • If you notice that the unwanted animal still enters the area you wish to protect, move the repeller to a new position that covers the area from a different angle (the unwanted animal has probably found a new way to access the area).
  • Do not place the repeller with its detector in direct sunlight, this will interfere with the sensitivity and shorten the life length of the detector.

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