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Dear candidates, we are not here for you...

Blogginlägg   •   Apr 09, 2019 14:20 CEST

Dear Candidates,

You are not the ones we are here for. Not the main focus anyway. Cause we believe that you’re doing everything right. I mean I guess you could apply for one or two more jobs a week, or do that homework from SFI a bit more engaged. But we know you already know that and how many people who’ve told you so. We know you have tried to do all that but you still can’t get through. Still, you are looking for a job. And even how much you’re applying you still get those very annoying polite messages “We sincerely appreciate the time and effort you dedicated to applying for this position and wish you success in your job search”. No, we don’t believe you are the ones that need us the most

We are here for the companies. For the organizations. To make them realize that they need to step up. They need to see the truth of the wonderful hashtag #diversifyordie. It sounds a bit harsh but we strongly believe that’s the truth. Diversify. Or. Die. The statistics tell us so, the advertising tells us so, the millennials tells us so. Companies who are not divers, who are not focusing on all kinds of sustainability, will not survive in this competitive global business environment with young professionals starting to question their employers. You know that. We know that. And we are here trying to focus on sharing the word to save as many companies as we can. Before it’s too late.

So how do we do it? How do we share the word?
Every week we are out at big companies, small organizations, municipalities, leading groups, professional events, job fairs. We are having workshops, inspirational speeches, courses, and panel discussions. Sometimes we get asked how to make social sustainability, inclusion and diversity part of a company. Or hold the employers' hands when it’s a bit scary to change how it’s always been. It can be everything from translating documents; changing the office-language to English; to a totally new focus of how to change their own mindset and if they really are as inclusive as they believe. It is scary. And that’s allowed. We do prejudge. That’s also allowed. But we need to be aware of those thoughts and attitudes, which in academic terms is called unconscious bias, to make a change. It can’t be a diversity plan written in a document somewhere. It needs to be a process and a value which goes in all sectors in the workplace. It needs to reach the statistics and it needs to reach you guys. It needs to reach you to not waste more competence. Cause competence waste is a waste of ideas, innovation, and talent. The things employers and society are in need of.  

So no, we're not here for you. We are here to make a change. And we need you, to be able to do it. But most of all, we need companies which want to survive!

Yours Sincerely
Emma Ramebäck
Client Relations Manager, MINE

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    Väl rutet!

    - Hannah - 2019-04-10 14:41 CEST

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