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Introducing brand icons

Blog post   •   Mar 14, 2019 19:19 CST

During the development of our new reader pages we realised that logotypes is a bit of a logistical problem. Some of our clients use wide ones, some use narrow ones - and we want to accomodate both. The result?

The Brand Icon is a newly added option to your newsroom settings. Think of it as a big, square favicon that will be displayed in areas where regular logotypes would look tiny or constrained. These type of logotypes are pretty common among social media platforms and we bet that a bunch of you have some kind of "brand icon" already.

Brand icons will always be displayed next to your company name and they are completely optional. If you don't upload a brand icon, we will just use your regular logotype instead.

Here's some more examples of how Brand Icons will improve your appearence in our reader app!

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