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Mynewsdesk har fingret på pulsen: pr- och kommunikationstrender 2012

Nyhet   •   Dec 09, 2011 14:14 CET

Vad händer inom pr- och kommunikationsvärlden under 2012? Det har vi på Mynewsdesk stött och blött, fnulat och funderat på, för att till slut formulera vilka 10 trender som vi tror kommer dominera under nästa år. 

Trenderna presenterades av Jonathan Bean, COO MynewsdeskMynewsday. Hans och andra presentationer hittar du i Mynewsdesks pressrum.

OBS Artiklarna är på engelska.

PR, Communication, and Marketing Trends 2012 – part 1

1. Digital First
Companies and organizations now consider digital their most important channel.

2. Decentralize Social Media
Ownership of social media is spreading, rather than being handled by one person.

3. I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends
Crowd-generated digital storytelling will be fully embraced.

4. Customize This!
The Internet will become more personalized and effective, catering to an individual’s needs, not a target group.

5. Brand News World
Companies and organizations need to start thinking like journalists when creating and curating stories around their brand.


PR, Communication, and Marketing Trends 2012 – part 2

6. Online Goes Offline Goes Online Goes Offline
Connecting and leveraging digital channels with physical, offline activities will be key.

7. Come Out And Play
The gamification of online experiences will start dominating all online activities.

8. Life On The Go
Mobile will continue to be the most important platform affecting our daily lives over the next years.

9. In The Eye Of The Beholder
Two exciting and innovative technologies that will affect the digital world next year.

10. Content Is King, But It’s The People’s Kingdom
A brand is defined by the people within it, as well as those around it. There is no B2B or B2C, it’s all P2P: people-to-people.

Appendix: Some Recent Events
Change is painful. Two recent events that reflect how companies and organizations tend to react to changes they can’t control – changes in human behavior.

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