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Macnica Networks (publ.) launches NetClean in Japan

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 01, 2011 08:03 CET

Macnica Networks recently launched NetClean WhiteBox from Swedish company NetClean onto the Japanese market. NetClean WhiteBox has been developed to block child sexual abuse content on the Internet and on mobile telephone networks. Japan, with a population of 127 million and 96% Internet penetration, is a substantial and important market for NetClean.

Macnica Networks, which has previously sold solutions from BlueCoat, McAfee and Juniper, is now introducing NetClean WhiteBox because they recognize the product’s unique characteristics and its potential for supplementing their offering to the large service providers on the Japanese market.

- We’ve been looking for a solution to meet the demands from our service providers. NetClean’s specific technology makes the product very easy to install even in the absolute largest networks. It is also very cost-efficient. This is extremely important for our customers, several of which have more than 10 million subscribers, says Tomokazu Kanazawa, Marketing Manager at Macnica Networks.

Internet service providers in Japan want to take responsibility and block access to child sexual abuse content, but they also set high demands on performance and cost-efficiency, not only in terms of initial purchase, but also as regards maintenance and scalability. NetClean WhiteBox meets all of these demands.

- NetClean WhiteBox is used throughout the world and our customers value the simple installation in combination with an extremely scalable solution, which simplifies the process for the service provider without lowering performance or causing impediment for their customers. Blocking sites is a way to stop people from gaining access to child sexual abuse content before it is removed from the Internet. The number of access attempts the tool has been able to block is proof that it really works, says Christian Sjöberg, CEO for NetClean.

NetClean WhiteBox is used worldwide, by service providers such as TeliaSonera International Carrier, and has been implemented on a national level in New Zealand. Identifying an increasing global need for this type of solution, NetClean plans to introduce NetClean WhiteBox in several more countries in 2011. The EU is also discussing mandatory blocking for Internet service providers in Europe, with a decision expected in February 2011.

Short technical description of NetClean WhiteBox
NetClean WhiteBox is unique in its product sector, incorporating a router-based hybrid blocking technique developed by NetClean in 2005. This technology means that no traffic goes through a proxy, which is of the greatest importance for an Internet Service Provider (ISP). By combining Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) with Deep Packet Inspection and advanced tunnel traffic, NetClean WhiteBox can be offered as an appliance or as a cloud service for smaller service providers. This advanced technology is packaged into one simple product, which makes it extremely scalable and very easy to install and maintain. The impact on the service provider’s network is thus minimal. Follow the link below for a product brochure offering more information:

For more information, contact
Christian Sjöberg, CEO, Tel: +46 (0)703-37 02 03,
Fredrik Frejme, Acting Marketing Manager, Tel: +46 (0)705-29 49 38,

NetClean in brief
NetClean is a world leader in technical solutions for preventing the spread of child sexual abuse content. The products are developed in cooperation with police authorities, and NetClean's proactive solutions are employed by millions of users. NetClean's client portfolio includes, among others, small to multinational companies as well as government agencies, internet providers and police authorities. For more information:

Macnica Networks Corp. In brief
Macnica Networks Corp. has over 20 years of experience in product localization, sales and substantial technical support of computer network equipment. Macnica Networks supplies a full line of leading-edge network appliances, software, telecom and storage solutions to its customers, and consistently brings innovative new products to their portfolio. Macnica Networks provides a high level of comprehensive technical support and educational programs to assist their customers with their applications. Macnica has partnership with among others TAT and the product line includes products from for example BlueCoat, McAfee and Symantec. For more information:

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