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NetClean establishes itself in Thailand

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 23, 2010 10:52 CEST

In the photo from left to right: Jacob Bojsen CEO Asia Safe Tech, Lennart Linnér the Swedish Ambassador for Thailand and Christian Sjöberg CEO NetClean

NetClean is world leading in technical solutions which prevent the spread of child sexual abuse content, and today it protects millions of computer users. The company, which is at present undergoing rapid expansion, this Tuesday announced its entry into the Asian market at a well attended press conference in Bangkok.  The Swedish Ambassador for Thailand, Lennart Linnér, was present as were many key people from industry and other organisations. Jacob Bojsen, CEO for Asia Safe Tech, NetClean's local agent, was there with NetClean's CEO Christian Sjöberg to present the company and its innovative products. This establishment has drawn considerable media attention.

- We can feel the strength of commitment here and the appreciation being shown to us for establishing ourselves in Thailand. This shows how seriously the people here take this problem and how important they feel it is to address it. We see ourselves as providing an important function and are very much looking forward to helping still further in stopping the spread of child sexual abuse content, says Christian Sjöberg, CEO NetClean.

Asia Safe Tech is the exclusive agent for NetClean products in Thailand.

- Asia Safe Tech wants to engage all Thai companies and organisations in the task of combating and preventing the spread of child sexual abuse content. We already have a well established network here and hope to be able to greatly influence the situation, says Jacob Bojsen.

NetClean is already established in Sweden, Denmark and the UK. It has the ambition of being a feature of every computer in the world and through this of stopping the spread of child sexual abuse content.

-You could be excused for thinking that child sexual abuse content is a huge problem in Thailand. However, the Internet has not been introduced as quickly here as in western countries, where easy access to it is one of the main reasons why child sexual abuse content is such a huge problem. On the other hand, DVDs containing child sexual abuse content is sold on the streets, which is, of course, a problem in itself. Our products enable Thailand to work in a preventive manner with respect to distribution via the Internet, concludes Christian Sjöberg.

For further information, contact

Christian Sjöberg, CEO                      Jacob Bojsen, CEO Asia Safe Tech

Tel: +46 703-370203                         Tel: +66 8170 128 52

NetClean in brief
NetClean is world leading in technical solutions which prevent the spread of child sexual abuse content. The products are developed in cooperation with the police authorities, and millions of users rely on NetClean's proactive solutions to protect their values. NetClean's client portfolio includes, among others, small to multi-national companies, authorities, Internet providers and police services. For further information:

Asia Safe Tech in brief
Asia Safe Tech Co. Ltd. is based in Bangkok. The company is run by Jacob Bojsen and is divided into two equally weighted parts. One of these strives to increase awareness of the global problem of child sexual abuse content and sells NetClean's products. The other part is ASP hardware, which provides companies with new and further developed hardware.

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