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NetClean launches one-stop-shop for digital forensics

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 16, 2012 13:15 CEST

London, UK – 16 October, 2012 – NetClean, a world leader in technical solutions for preventing the spread of child sexual abuse content, has upgraded its Analyze DI software to create a complete image and video forensics tool for police investigators.

Due to increasing numbers of seizures and the complexity of files being created and captured, modern police forces are under mounting pressure to manage, process and present vast amounts of digital evidence. Officers often have to review thousands of files manually causing considerable strain and fatigue. NetClean Analyze’s DI new functionality allows police agents to swiftly and easily analyse images and videos, drawing out essential data from vast quantities of seized media to assist with arrests and prosecution.

“The latest version of NetClean Analyze arms us with even more valuable features,” says Michael Lund, Detective Inspector at the child exploitation unit, Danish National Police. “The database import feature was updated, and on top of it being very agile, it’s now extremely fast, which saves us a lot of time when handling large imports of several millions of hash values.”

The new iteration of Analyze DI includes a digital forensics application framework, where developers from industry, academia or even tech-savvy officers can build specialised forensic tools. Using the software development kit, developers can integrate applications into the Analyze DI interface, providing police users with a marketplace of forensic applications, the NetClean Forensic Market.

One developer building on the platform is Stolen Camera Finder, an application that police agents can use to search the web for images matching EXIF data. Using this tool police agents will be able to import image data, using it to track devices.

Christian Sjoberg, CEO at NetClean, said: “In the last few years digital evidence case loads and complexity has rocketed, causing significant challenges for police agents. With our latest upgrade we are seeking to provide a more streamlined way for police agents to explore critical case information and find or build the specialised tools they need for investigations.”

He added: “Using Analyze more compelling evidence can be discovered, structured and stored more rigorously. Data can be analysed more swiftly. Ultimately that means that thousands more vulnerable children can be saved, and fewer children exposed to this extremely serious global threat.”

The Analyze DI upgrade also enables police investigators to more thoroughly explore the Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) data of images in order to identify the location, time and camera serial number information. Using geotagging data taken from the image, police agents are able to build maps and track the movements of the camera as photographs are uploaded in order to identify the movements of a subject.

The upgrade includes a new user interface, making the tool more intuitive. Given the man-hours spent using these kinds of investigative tools, ease of use can have a dramatic impact upon productivity and effectiveness.

“As long-time users of the software, we are especially excited about the newly-designed user interface that puts the investigation of illegal pictures and videos truly at the center of the client,” commented Lund.

“We are also very interested in the new NetClean Forensic Market and excited to see what third party plugins will be available to assist us further when dealing with the ever increasing amounts of illegal files,” he concluded.

NetClean Technologies provides the Analyze DI software free of charge primarily to law enforcement agencies as well as national and federal agencies responsible for child sexual abuse (CSA) investigations. It is currently available in 30 countries worldwide.

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Laura Spence at LEWIS PR

NetClean develops technology that stops the spread of child sexual abuse material. Our solutions identify illegal images and videos that are still being distributed on public and corporate networks. The NetClean approach is your strongest safety measure because we stop images from being circulated inside or outside network firewalls. This is why NetClean works with ISP´s, enterprises, governments and law enforcements in more than 30 countries.

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