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Johan Lundberg condemns threats and attacks against DN – has also been subject to such actions

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 30, 2018 16:53 CET

Johan Lundberg strongly condemns the attacks that the Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter has written about today (November 30, 2018). These attacks and threats are similar to those directed at Johan Lundberg’s own business activities.

Johan Lundberg owns NFF Nordic, a privately held real estate company. The company’s activities include residential operations in Stockholm. One of the properties was first a hotel and is now a residence for asylum seekers. Today people from foreign countries who have started to integrate into Swedish society live there. On a number of occasions, the building has been subject to various kinds of attacks. Those attacks have been reported to the police. On numerous occasions, NFF´s property Villa Söderås and other companies in the NFF group have been subject to attacks and harassment.

The attacks have created anxiety, fear and a sense of insecurity for residents, employees in the facility, other company employees and Johan Lundberg personally.

NFF is dismayed to learn that DN and its employees have been subject to similar threats and damage. Johan Lundberg and NFF strongly condemn these threats and attacks which, based on available information, are similar in nature to the threats that Johan Lundberg’s operations have been subject to.

There is an ongoing legal dispute between Johan Lundberg and DN. The dispute stems from DN’s publication of a number of false claims and the libelling of Johan Lundberg. Prior to publication, DN was informed about the threats levelled against Johan Lundberg and his operations and the risk that its publication could entail. The threats and attacks have escalated sharply since DN’s publication. Today’s publication of the threats levelled against DN and the mentioning of Johan Lundberg’s name are deeply distressing since it gives the perpetrators the publicity they desire.

“It is a very serious matter that DN has chosen to expose Johan Lundberg and single him out in these contexts. It is especially serious to publish this given the ongoing libel case,” says Johan Lundberg’s representative, attorney Percy Bratt.

“I understand that Peter Wolodarski feels great discomfort. I too have suffered the same thing. We are united in that matter,” says Johan Lundberg.

For further information, please contact:

Hans Uhrus

Press contact NFF Nordic AB

+46 (0)768 95 0101

NFF Nordic is a privately owned property company that combines a global outlook and global experience with strong local expertise, a strong local presence and a passion for property. Our main mission is to acquire, actively manage and develop centrally located residential, office and retail properties in Stockholm.

NFF Nordic är ett privatägt fastighetsbolag som kombinerar global utblick och erfarenhet med stark lokal expertis och närvaro och en passion för fastigheter. Vår primära verksamhetsidé är att förvärva, aktivt förvalta och förädla centralt belägna bostads-, kontors- och butiksfastigheter i Stockholm. 

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