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Johan Lundberg: DN’s announcement has given me redress

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 03, 2019 09:01 CEST

During the autumn, Dagens Nyheter published two articles about Johan Lundberg which in Johan Lundberg’s view depicted him as a Sweden Democrat sympathiser, a promoter of Russian interests and a potential threat to Swedish security policy interests. Johan Lundberg therefore sued Dagens Nyheter and its legally accountable publisher, Peter Wolodarski, for libel. DN has now repudiated this depiction.

“I have been given redress as a result of DN clearly repudiating this inaccurate depiction of me, one that has caused me great damage,” says Johan Lundberg.

Dagens Nyheters articles published in print and online on 7 and 8 October 2018 entitled “Rented out office to SD and luxury villa to ambassador” as well an op-ed piece on 17 and 18 October with the heading “Sweden needs legislation against Russian purchase of sensitive properties”, as Johan Lundberg experienced them, were interpreted to mean that he i) sympathises with and supports Sweden Democrats and the party’s policies,ii) promotes Russian interests in advancing their positions in Sweden and iii) represents a potential threat to Swedish security policy interests.

Dagens Nyheter has now both complained and explained that it was not the newspaper’s intention to describe Johan Lundberg in that way. DN repudiates and regrets the speculative interpretations in the articles published, which are inaccurate regarding Johan Lundberg. Owing to the sincere regrets given by DN’s editor-in-chief for the damage caused to Johan Lundberg by the inaccurate interpretations of the articles, the parties have agreed to settle the matter. As a result, the dispute is over.

“With this redress, I look forward to putting this behind me and focusing in full on my business operations”, concludes Johan Lundberg.

For further information, please contact:
Hans Uhrus
Head of Communication, NFF Nordic AB
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