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5 tips: A short buyer's guide to industrial nonwoven

News   •   Jun 18, 2019 11:50 CEST

If you need to buy nonwoven and integrate it in your production line, here are some useful tips what to consider and think about.

1.Get non-negational needs straighten out

First of all, you need to identify the non-negotiable requirements you have on the material. For many, price is an issue but in most cases the material needs to have certain properties. If you are producing diapers the nonwoven need to breath, be stretchy and soft against the skin. If you need nonwoven to mould interior car parts, it needs to be mouldable and durable. If you have an environmental profile, you might be looking a for sustainable nonwoven for your products. Maybe you need something that is lint-free for a sterile environment? Get those properties defined!

The non-negotiable requirement will help you identify what type of nonwoven that you need. There are several types of nonwoven. Om our website there is a material guide to nine different types of nonwoven.

2. Add a wish list of properties

But we also suggest that you make a wish list of great-to-have properties. If it is a combination of properties that yes doesn’t exist in a nonwoven material, it might be that it is possible to develop it. And that new nonwoven material might give you leverage and differentiation from competitive products.

We love it when our customers challenge us with new requirements so that we can help them find or develop new types of nonwoven!

3.Who should I buy from?

So, you could go straight to a manufacturer. The majority of big nonwoven manufacturer are in Europe and the US. In China there are some cost-effective suppliers as well. But it might be a long way to go, both to identify manufacturers and to set up a production line. This is recommended if you are in need of very big volumes of nonwoven and have the time, knowledge and patience to set up the production.

Otherwise it might be a good idea to go to a regional wholesaler, they often have a bigger selection of materials, and a local stock with shorter delivery time. Often, they also have a network and knowledge to help you develop a new material if needed.

Also read our article “6 pros and con when buying nonwoven from China” 

4.Production requirements

The nonwoven will go into your production line. That also needs some consideration when buying nonwoven. For example, it’s possible to get the nonwoven in predefined sheets or in rolls that fit straight into your production line. This will eliminate production time as won’t need to convert the nonwoven yourself.

5.Test it. Of course.

Make sure you get samples to test with. It’s vital that you have a service minded and knowledgeable contact on the supplier end to discuss with while you implement the nonwoven in your production line.

On our website you can read about different nonwoven materials and order samples. And if you need a partner to help you find that specific nonwoven you need, don’t hesitate to contact us at or on +46 44 203960.