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​The "unknown" material found everywhere around you

News   •   Apr 01, 2019 09:00 CEST

Nonwoven is a rather unknown but flexible industry textile found everywhere: in your bed, in your walls, below the floor, in the hospital, in your car... It’s called nonwoven, but it’s actually a collection of materials often used as a replacement for woven textiles or paper.

In your bedroom

When you lay down on your bed, it shouldn’t make noises that keeps you awake or collect sneeze-encouraging dust. Nonwoven is used as a noise dampening cover and to fight of dust. But it’s also used as a cover around springs inside the bed, around pillows and as a middle layer in mattresses. > Read more...

In your car

Nonwoven is molded into interior car parts, such as compartments and interior walls. But it is also found in the soft part of the cars, such as in the seats. > Read more...

At the hospital

Hospitals are concerned about hygiene and the well-being of their patients – that's often why they use disposable products. Nonwoven is found in disposable (often not that great-looking but surprisingly comfortable) clothes and underwear used by patients.

But you also can find it in sterilizations covers used during operation, as a skin-friendly soft cover on urine bags and as a disposable curtain that separates patients in hospital rooms. > Read more...

It is also used to absorb liquids in wounds!

Around your house

And we mean literally around your house: below the floor, in the walls and on your roof. It’s used to dampen the sound of hardwood floors or to stabilize softer carpets so that they don’t move around.

You find it in your walls as a plaster stabilizer or as moisture barrier or vapor barrier in bathrooms or on the outside.

It is also found in roofs as a stabilizer, or coated with asphalt to fight of rain and wind. > Read more...

And if you’re the handy type that renovates on your own, you’re probably using a face mask made of nonwoven.

At the office

You may find it in your office chair or in the wipes you use to clean your desktop screen.

And if you work within production it its likely that nonwoven is used in your production as a replacement for fabric or paper or as a stabilizer. It’s also possible it it used to filtrate water or air.

In your bathroom

Well, if you are a woman or a parent it is certain that you are having daily interaction with nonwovens in your bathroom. It is used as a soft cover or absorbent in diapers and in wipes: baby wipes, make-up removal wipes or cleaning wipes. > Read more...

All sanitary products such as tampons and sanitary napkins are using nonwovens.

In your kitchen

The kitchen is also a place where you interact with nonwovens. Your tea is often found in disposable nonwoven bags and some of you are filtering your coffee through nonwoven filters. > Read more ...

Nonwovens help keep food fresh as it is used in products that help absorb moisture or odors so that your food stay fresh, crispy and tastes as it should. It’s also used when transporting fresh food such as meat of fish to absorb liquids or odors. > Read more...

In your garden

Nonwoven is found in geotextiles under roads and buildings to stabilize the ground. And if you are fighting against unwanted weed in your garden, you might have used nonwoven in your garden to keep the weed at bay and stopping them from rooting with a ground cover.

If you are trying to grow vegetables in your garden, you might be protecting them and keeping the temperature slightly higher with nonwoven covers. Big agricultural farmers are using this method to protect their crops from eager bird and animals.

And if you are splashing around in a pool in your garden under the summer sun it’s likely that the water filter in the pool is made of nonwoven.

Everywhere around you

Nonwoven is a great industry textile as you can change and adapt the properties to make it stabile or soft, water repellent or water absorbent, UV-resistant, sun resistant and so on. It can filtrate, stabilize, protect, be disposed or re-used. And the application of this supermaterial will probably expand further over the coming years.

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