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China´s Changing Landscape at The Nordic Watercolour Museum / Press Preview

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 11, 2014 11:32 CEST

© Li Huayi, Episode of Clouds and Water

The aim of the exhibition China’s Changing Landscape, which opens at the Nordic Watercolour Museum 28th of September, is to demonstrate the width and power of contemporary Chinese ink painting.

The Nordic Watercolour Museum is one of the first European museums to feature a major group exhibition with contemporary Chinese ink painting. The exhibition highlights twelve world famous artists who use traditional ink techniques as well as creative experimentation. Both these orientations are represented in the exhibition, which thematically traces the changing landscape of a country that is developing rapidly. The old but viable symbols and references are reinterpreted, renewed and recycled in new, creative contexts.

Ink painting is one of the oldest Chinese art forms. Interest in this artistic discipline, which is enjoying a resurgence, has never been greater and Chinese contemporary artists are beginning to conquer the international art scene. Their major breakthrough parallels the upturn of the Chinese economy. But while the country is expansive, striving for innovation in various areas and triumphing on world markets, Chinese ink painting is turning towards its roots basing themselves on historically significant references in primordial Chinese ink techniques although many artists choose modern, Western techniques and media.

The long tradition of Chinese ink painting is still relatively unexplored and only superficially known in the West. A better insight into Chinese art can lead to a rewarding confrontation with our own approach and references to art and therefore be an important eye-opener for understanding another continent, and a way of meeting ourselves as actors in world-encompassing, historical processes.

The featured artists live and work in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Europe and the USA. Together they form a strong and representative group working with ink painting from different perspectives. Their works reflect not only various orientations within international contemporary art, but also the present political climates and the ancient Chinese cultural heritage.

The following twelve artists participate in the exhibition:

Ah Xian, Cai Guo-Qiang, Li Huayi, Li Jin, Samson Young, Qiu Zhijie, Wang Dongling, Wucius Wong, Yang Jiechang, Yang Yongliang, Yuan Jai and Xu Bing.

PRESS PREVIEW / Friday, 26 September, at 12 noon.
Museum director Bera Nordal introduces the exhibition together with Professor Mark Dean Johnson

PREVIEW / Saturday, 27 September, at 2.00 pm.
Greetings by Museum Director Bera Nordal.
Presentation of the exhibition by Professor Mark Dean Johnson.
Governor Lars Bäckström inaugurates the exhibition.
Art Performance by Wang Dongling.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the Museum will organise a series of lectures on contemporary art in China, traditional ink painting and landscape painting as well as an extensive program of events that invite the public to talks and seminars on a magnificent country with a growing influence on world politics, the global economy and our mutual history.

For more information contact Sofia Olofsson, communications, at

Besök oss och få en upplevelse utöver det vanliga. Här kan du möta den internationella konstens intressantaste företrädare eller klassisk akvarell. En mötesplats anpassat till en verksamhet kring konst, kultur, natur och människor.

I huset finner du utställningssalar där det i genomsnitt visas sex olika utställningar per år. Samlingssalen rymmer ett rikt utbud av kultur i olika former, musik, dans, teater och föreläsningar, seminarier,  konferenser och samtalskvällar.

Vi har gästateljéer för uthyrning på Bockholmen, tvärs över vattnet. Museibutiken, granne med utställningssalarna, har ett stort sortiment av bland annat målarverktyg och färg.  

I närheten av utställningssalarna ligger också den Öppna verkstaden och en trappa upp den större Experimentverkstaden med utrustning för konstnärligt arbete, undervisning och forskning.  
Restaurang "Vatten - gourmet och kafé" med uteservering och utsikt över vattnet ligger i museets lokaler.

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