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Nya hälso- mat- och skönhetsprodukter på Natural Products Scandinavia 2014

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 29, 2014 15:33 CEST

With the full exhibitor line-up now almost confirmed, Natural Products Scandinavia – the Nordic region’s only dedicated trade show for the natural health, nutrition, beauty, skin care, and self-care market – has released its exhibitor show highlights for 2014.

The award-winning event, which is co-located with Nordic Organic Food Fair, returns to Malmö, Sweden, on 26-27 October, with 300 exhibiting companies from 38 different countries.  It provides an unrivalled opportunity for thousands of local and international buyers, retailers, and press representatives to meet natural and organic product innovators and pioneers from around the world.

Recently confirmed exhibitors include Goodtrade Scandinavia AB, Arctic Warriors, Dr Organic/Optima Consumer Health, Probiosan, Pureday AS, Annas Eco World, and Nuwell Health & Wellness.

The following is a preview of some of the new natural, organic, fair trade, free-from, sustainable, and healthy living products being exhibited this year.

Natural beauty & skin care

Under mässan kommer Dermanord Svensk Hudvård AB (stand NB09) visa våra nyheter Eye Cream More och Face Mask More med havtornsolja och persiskt silkesträd. Vi kommer även bjuda på makeup workshop och visa vårt fulla sortiment av ekologisk hudvård producerad i Sverige (Sverige).

Shakti International AB (stand NA37) has recently launched organic Shakti Goddess Skin Care.  The five-strong range includes Aloe Vera Absorber, Beauty Butter Oil, Lip Nectar, Lotus Dream skin rejuvenator, and Repair Serum.  Also showing: new Shakti Footpad and Shakti Headband.  The headband features 11 discs, each with 27 nails providing 281 acupressure points around the head (Sweden).

Dentme is exhibiting its Humble Brush – a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush (stand ND23).  For every toothbrush sold the company donates the equivalent amount of toothbrushes to people around the world who don’t have access to dental care (Sweden).

Anti-aging skincare brand Zinobel Organic Boost (stand NA15) is launching its new Zinobel Organic Boost Rescue Hand Cream at the show.  Exhibiting for the first time outside Denmark, its vegan, organic based products have been nominated in several categories at the Danish Beauty Awards in 2012, 2013 and 2014 (Denmark). 

Natural cosmetics distributor Spa Vivent Vertriebs GmbH (stand NB29)is showcasing the new fitness package ‘Green Coffee’ by Tanamera, which is designed to purify and tighten the skin.  The fitness package consists of Toning Green Coffee Body Scrub, Coffee Body Soap, and Green Coffee Massage Oil. (Germany)

Jack N' Jill Natural Toothpaste (stand NB30) is presenting its oral care range for babies, toddlers and children.  Products include Australian-made toothpaste – available in five different organic fruit flavours, which is safe to swallow as it doesn't contain fluoride; Biodegradable Toothbrushes made from non-GMO cornstarch; and Silicone Toothbrushes in three sizes (UK).

Natracare firar 25 år av tillverkning av ekologiska och naturliga intimvårdsprodukter (stand ND06).  Detta firar vi med en helt ny färgstark design på våra förpackningar  och flera nya spännande produktlanseringar.  Bland våra spännande nyheter finns våra COSMOS ekologiskt certifierade våtservetter för sminkborttagning och rengöring ansikte, ett nytt praktiskt urval av trosskydd och den innovativa nya serien "Ultra Extra" bindor som erbjuder hög kvalitet med ett förbättrat skydd. Vi kommer också att visa upp våra fina nya mamma- och babyförpackningar och nylanseringen av våra mycket omtyckta amningsinlägg (UK).

New launches from award winning Faith Products (stand NB03D) include the new Lavender, and Coconut hypoallergenic skin care range of hand creams and body lotions.  The pioneering cruelty free company will also be promoting its 2014 Gift Set Collection, comprising fruity hair care and luxurious bathing gift sets, along with the hero of this year’s gift range – a 40th Anniversary Minis Gift Pack commemorating four decades of Faith in Nature (UK).

Love Boo (stand ND09) is a natural, English skincare brand appearing at the show for the first time.  Their range includes luxurious products for mums, mums-to-be, and babies, as well as luxurious gift sets and children's hair products.  New launches for 2014 include Marvellous Mummy Kit, Baby Sleep Spray, and the Silky Soft Hair line. (UK).

Bentley Organic (stand ND08) has launched several new Soil Association certified products this year.  Additions to its mother and baby range include a highly moisturising nipple balm and bump butter (stretch mark cream) together with a travel size surface and toy sanitizer.  Plus, there’s also an effective new Muscle rub, moisturising and deodorising foot balm, and a hand sanitiser with lemon oil (UK).

Natural cosmetics supplier Aromata Mirabilia (stand NB23) is showcasing its range of fresh creams, balms, natural lipsticks (in 23 colours and shades), deodorants, and aromatherapy products.  Recent launches include AM face balm for Mature Skin (30ml).  Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, the balm contains cold-pressed, unrefined rosehip, argan oils and berries extracts.  Also showing: new lipstick No. 18 – Creamy rosy bougainvillea (Lithuania)

SoyLites Eco Body Candles (stand ND27) is introducing Burn Bright! Luxury Beauty Oil, a new tissue oil for the face and body.  Made with organic baobab oil and organic marula oil (raw and unscented), it can be used for dry skin conditions, scars, stretch marks, psoriasis, and eczema.  Also showing: Rainbow Rocks Eco Crayons, which are hand-made in South Africa with a 100% vegetable base (South Africa).

Frazer Parfum (stand NB28) creates organic and natural perfume products, in collaboration with African artists.  The fragrances are presented in hand-blown glass flacons, whilst the solid perfumes are housed in wooden and porcelain compacts for nomadic life.  Frazer Parfum is introducing the functionality of a spray perfume at the show.  The new 100ml eau de parfum will be available in selected African Collection fragrances (South Africa).

Natural health & self care

dansk farmaceutisk industri a-s (stand NE23) is showcasing its vitamin gummies for kids and adults in seven different formulations.  New additions to its extensive range of over 50 different supplements (beauty, vitamins, minerals and herbals) include Vegetable Omega-3 capsules, with algae oil in a vegetable capsule.  Easy to swallow, they are a sustainable alternative to fish oil; with no ocean-borne contaminants (grown in FDA-inspected facilities) (Denmark).

LycoLife (stand NE33) is an exclusive selection of Lycopene Beverages from The Karpal Company.  It’s the first beverage in the world that contains concentrated lycopene – one of the most powerful antioxidants.  Lycopene effectively helps fight free radicals, which can cause many diseases; including cancer and cardiovascular illness.  LycoLife is made from natural ingredients, and contains no white sugar, preservatives, sweeteners, artificial food colouring or salt (Sweden).

Kontak (stand ND26) has patented an innovative system that diffuses propolis in to the air.  Its range includes PROPOLAIR – the original system of propolis diffusers; PROPOLIT sprays, syrups and extracts; and organic Italian propolis candies.  Also showing: I Tesori dell'Alveare (Treasures of the Hive), an organic range which includes honey, honey vinegar, spreads, snacks and royal jelly (Italy).

CA-MI (stand NA28) specialises in the production of electro-medical equipment, including aerosol delivery systems used in aerosol therapy for the treatment of respiratory pathologies.  They are introducing Terme di Salsomaggiore and Tabiano inhalation products, which uses natural spring waters that are rich in sulphur, iodine and sodium.  Also showing: natural facial creams, lotions, oils, hand creams, foot creams, shampoo, cleansers, deodorants, milks, spa salts, intimate lavenders (Italy).

Four Sigma Foods’ new launches at the show are Mind Herbs and Sport Herbs (stand NB07D).  These two easy-to-use, effective herbal powders (for the brain and for working out) are packed with pure and powerful adaptogenic herbs in an easy to use form.  They are sold in boxes of 10 sachets (UK).

Pukka Organic Wellbeing is Pukka Herbs’ new food supplement range, designed to naturally optimise daily vitality (stand NB07C).  The range includes – Active, Disestif, Everyday, Women, Moods, Seasonal, and Cleansing.  Whilst new additions to Pukka’s organic herbal teas range include Detox with Lemon and Wild Apple with Cinnamon.  Four existing teas have also gone through significant redevelopment for the Autumn (UK).

Natural health food & drink

Arctic Mood ehf organic teas (stand NA33) capture the complex character of Iceland – the land of fire and ice.  They create, blend and produce teas, using both Icelandic ingredients (including well-documented Iceland moss) as well as high-quality herbs and tealeaves from around the world.  Arctic Mood teas are certified organic and made without any unwanted flavourings/additives and only include non-GMO products (Iceland).

New Chimpanzee Organic Protein Bar (distributed by Coconut Bros, stand ND33) contains 14 grams of plant based protein.  It is raw, vegan, gluten free and does not contain any trans fats.  Easily digestible, the protein comes from organic rice and dates (Norway).

Honey company de Traay B.V (stand ND22), founded in 1977 by Wouter Vuijk, combines its artisan bee-keeping activities with modern honey processing abilities to create organic honey, honey specialties and bee products.  Products range from a Dutch polder honey to an Italian orange honey.  New innovations for 2014 include organic vegetable syrups in several varieties (The Netherlands).

Herbalveda (stand ND31) is promoting its recently launched range of undiluted cold pressed, pure, and natural herbal juices.  Containing no added sugars, products include Aloe Vera, Aloe-Ginger-Honey, Aloe-Tulsi, Neem Leaf, Tulsi Leaf, Noni Fruit, and Balance Juice.  Also showing: organic and conventional herbs, herbal powders, spices, essential oils attars and absolutes (UK).

Leading tea exporter Mabroc Teas (Pvt.) is promoting its boutique range of 100% natural herbal teas (stand NC04B).  The four ayurvedic recipes are believed to help manage body weight, manage blood glucose levels, regulate the urinary system, and regulate the digestive system.  Made from 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial flavourings or colourings, the tea is packed in individually wrapped triangular tea bags (Sri Lanka).

Dutch Cranberry Group BV (stand ND25) is introducing its new organic pomegranate juice.  The juice is 100% pure and not made from concentrate.  Also showing: organic dried fruits and nuts (The Netherlands).

Georg Rösner Vertriebs GmbH (stand NE15) is showcasing its new vegan, gluten and lactose free Bio-Veggie-Vine-Gums and Bio-Veggie-Hearts.  The Veggie-Vine-Gums (made without gelatin) are available in pineapple, apple, raspberry, black currant, lemon and orange flavours.  Whilst the colourful fruit jelly hearts (with corn starch) come in grapefruit, apple, sour cherry, black currant, lemon and orange flavours (Germany).

Nakd Wholefoods (stand NC19) is launching its newly refreshed TREK Energy Bar range this autumn, which is now completely gluten free.  The original recipes have been perfected to taste even better with flavours of Cocoa Chaos, Berry Burst, Peanut Power and the new variant of Banana Blast.  Each bar contains 10g of protein and is split into three snack-size segments so consumers can refuel before, during and after exercise (UK).

Rochester Ginger Drinks,the UK's top selling Ginger drinks, is re-launching its Rochester Organic Root Ginger (stand NC18).  A combination of lemon, lime and the strongest ginger creates a fantastic winter warmer.  For a soothing ginger tea add a fifth of Root Ginger to a cup of green or earl grey tea.  For a fiery hot toddy simply pour into a saucepan and heat until piping hot (UK).

The Raw Chocolate Company (stand NB05D) - Prova vår underbara, mångfaldigt prisbelönade Raw Choklad och Raw Chokladdoppade bär och ta reda på varför just vår Raw Choklad har blivit framröstad som Storbrittaniens bästa! Vi har också hela vårt superfood sortiment med oss - och på måndag svarar vår egen Choklad Wizard Linus på alla dina choklad frågor.  Vi kan också berätta mer om våra planer för 2015 – med många spännande nya produkter. Vi ser fram emot att träffa er alla (UK)

Max Aarts B.V (stand NA18) is introducing the next development in heat sealable banding paper.  Their environmentally friendly banding labels are heat-sealable, without the PE layer, on any type of paper (MC or Kraft).  The major advantage of using a paper glue spot is that the banding labels can be put with the general paper trash (The Netherlands).

Pont Packaging (stand NE18) introducerar en ny cylindrisk glas burk med twist-off förslutning till sina befintliga sortimen förpackni ngar för livsmedel. Med en kapacitet på 108 ml, kan den användas för olika typer av produkter som såser, örter, oliver, marmelad, etc. Pont presenterar också ett komplett sortiment av Alpha sirop flaskor i PET för flytande produkter; tillgängliga från 100 ml upp till 1000 ml i valfri färg (Sverige).

Natural Living

New exhibitor Rosmarin Zrt (stand NB25) is showcasing its comprehensive range of household cleaning products, made with natural ingredients (most certified by ecolabel).  Highlights include Super Cleaning Stone with power foam and fragrance – an efficient cleaner with a sponge inside, which helps create a natural shine; 2 Phase Cleaner; Spot Lab stain remover; and Leather Balm (Hungary).

For more information, and to register for a free trade ticket to Natural Products Scandinavia 2014, please visit and quote priority code NPSUK104 (direct link:


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