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IAA Sweden seminar-mingle: Entrepreneurs Going Global


MEC, Birger Jarlsgatan 50, Stockholm

What does it take to launch products and services in multiple markets simultaneously? How do you find the right customers and tune your messages? How can you use digital media and e-commerce to best advantage?

To answer some of these questions, we’ve chosen three young, fast-growing Swedish companies that have successfully established their brands and their markets far and wide.

Lesley Pennington is the founder and CEO of Bemz designs and produces exclusive covers for IKEA sofas and chairs, and sells them on the internet to customers in 35 countries worldwide.

Ludvig Scheja is the creative director at, a watch company that is deadly serious about being playful and unpretentious. And selling well everywhere.

Joakim Karlsson is a regional sales manager for Tobii Technology (, world-leading in eye tracking and eye control devices that can be used in market research, industrial integration, alternative communication, and more.

We invite you to open their websites and open your minds a bit. And please join us on Tuesday, May 17 to hear these stars talk about what they’ve learned about going global. Gain unique insights from their success!


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