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out-sider shortlisted for the Danish design award

Nyhet   •   Mar 15, 2018 10:00 CET

out-sider made the cut with two new products, in competition for the coveted design award.

PLATEAU, the high pressure laminate table-bench, designed by Holscher Design, is a new interpretation of the traditional picnic table. The rounded, rectangular design allows 10-12 seatings, and a nice feeling of community around the table. Furthermore, the open versions allow wheel chair users and the walking impaired, easy access.

The safety bollard OBSTRUCT, designed by NATiON, is a new take on a heavy, yet mobile and functional, seating bollard. Cast in concrete and with an organic design, it works both as traffic blocking and as a seating element. OBSTRUCT can even be fitted with solar powered light, seats and planter-units.