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What it takes to go halogenfree - Paxymer speaks at ATV-SEMAPP (Denmark) 1st of Feb 2018

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 31, 2018 10:59 CET

Overview of the benefits of the patented Paxymer system.

Amit Paul, MD of Paxymer AB, will hold a lecture at the seminar 1st of February at ATV-SEMAPP.DK The seminar will focus on state of the art and new solutions for the Plastic rawmaterial Industry. Going halogen free is a major challenge for the industry. Paxymer has made this journey with a number of clients. Paxymers talk will share its insight on the topic "What it takes to go halogen-free".

Amit Paul, MD of Paxymer AB is invited to hold a lecture at a seminar on 1st of February at ATV-SEMAPP (technology knowledge network) a non-profit foundation, affiliated to the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences

Speakers from well renowned organisations as A. Schulman, Idemitsu, Nexeo Solutions and Vamp Tech among others will also give lectures. The seminar will focus on state of the art and new solutions for the Plastic rawmaterial Industry.

Paxymer will share insights from real customer experiences on "What it takes to go halogen free." Halogenated flame retardants have set the standard in the plastics industry since its beginning. Studies have shown that bromine/chlorine have adverse effects e.g. more toxic smoke, no improvement to fire spread/combustability and persistent and toxic characteristics. As a response, a new generation of halogen-free flame retardants have emerged. Although they have a better environmental and health performance, their implementation requires a new approach. Especially in order to handle mechanical properties, price, and processing properties.

"The move to halogen-free includes a learning curve. Achieving balance performance is not trivial. Paxymer has done this for a number of years with a number of customers. This talk will share some of that insight" Says Amit Paul MD of Paxymer.

Paxymer - the green flame retardant - is an innovative swedish family company that challenges existing solutions within flame retardants. The company offers a range of products that substitute conventional halogenated and persistent flame retardants. Paxymer AB has received several awards for its innovation and has received financing under Horizon 2020, Mistra innovation and Vinnova Forska och Väx. The innovation was mentioned as one of the most important innovations for a future sustainable society by Mijlöaktuellt in 2015. Paxymer removes the dichotomy between environmental friendly, functional and safe with its new generation of green flame retardants 

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