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Swedish Pepins Group AB in Record Breaking SEK 100 Million Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 01, 2016 16:47 CEST

Pepins, a Swedish equity crowdfunding business, launched a few months ago. In its second fundraising campaign, Pepins raised a record breaking SEK 100 million for global PC games publisher, Paradox Interactive, in a couple of weeks. This makes one of the world’s biggest equity crowdfunding campaign of its kind.

Paradox Interactive chose a new way to list its shares on Nasdaq First North Premier in Stockholm. The IPO combined a traditional listing with equity crowdfunding through Pepins. Shares for a total amount of SEK 100 million were allocated on a "first-come first-serve" basis with a guaranteed allocation of shares.

SEK 25 Million Raised in 8 Minutes

The allocation of shares through Pepins’ crowdfunding platform were divided up into 4 sales tranches, of SEK 25 million each. In the last tranche, all shares were reserved in a record breaking 8 minutes. The total amount and the astonishing speed of the raised capital, makes it one of the biggest equity crowdfunding campaign of its kind in the world.

Pepins Takes Equity Crowdfunding to a New Level

Sweden’s progressive financial laws, rife internet and e-commerce adoption, world-class e-banking and astrong history and interest among the population in investing in shares, makes it an ideal market for taking equity crowdfunding to a new level. As a whole, it makes investing in unlisted companies more accessible.

– Equity crowdfunding must be taken to next level to work long-term. Our ambition is to lead this transition and set a new higher standard by combining Venture Capital best practices with the power of the crowd. All in a regulated and professional set-up, says Anders Sjunnesson, Founder and President of Pepins. Through Pepins we provide a service that makes it possible for everyone to invest on the same terms as professional Venture Capital firms. Our ambition is to make investing in unlisted shares a common part of a diversified portfolio.

About Pepins:

Pepins is equity crowdfunding done properly. We give everyone the opportunity to discover and invest into exciting growth businesses. We also give companies an efficient way to raise funds from thousands of investors, accelerate growth, engage with their community, create more jobs and make a difference. It’s simple, innovative, professional – and fun.

Pepins Group AB is the only equity crowdfunding company that is regulated by the Swedish FSA (Finansinspektionen).

Strong Team with a Unique Track Record

Pepins has a solid team with an outstanding track record, that is set on achieving the ambitious goal of becoming the world’s leading equity crowdfunding company.

Chairman Peter Norman, was the Minister of Financial Markets in the Swedish Government between 2010-2014. He is also a member of the board of Swedbank, one of Sweden’s largest retail banks.

Anders Sjunnesson, the President and Founder of Pepins is an experienced business executive, entrepreneur, corporate financier and investor and has been involved in initiating and building businesses for over 30 years.

Carl Johan Högbom, member of management team was previously the CEO at the OM Stockholm Exchange (today Nasdaq OMX). He is also Vice President of Sweden’s Shareholder Association and a member of Nasdaq OMX and Swedsec’s disciplinary committees.

For more information, please contact:

Anders Sjunnesson, CEO and Founder Pepins Group,

Oscar Watz, CMO Pepins,, +46-(0)73-687 63 00

Pepins är investment crowdfunding på ett professionellt sätt. Här får alla som vill chansen att upptäcka och bli delägare i bolag de tror på. Tillsammans hjälper vi företag att växa, skapa fler jobb och göra skillnad. Pepins Group står under Finansinspektionens tillsyn och erbjuder handel i onoterade bolag samt finansiell företagsrådgivning vid kapitalanskaffningar.